23 September 2010


Our family will lay our heads to rest

 chalk family1

in our new home {our new home that now has driveway art}

 chalk family2

soon, very soon!

::iPhone4 pics again because I’m getting bogged down during this transition::

12 September 2010

getting close, staying busy

we now see the light at the end of the tunnel…….we are coasting downhill, no brakes……we have entered the homestretch and should bust through the tape within the next 7-10 days

…..with that comes the packing, purging, stacking, storing, unpacking, unloading, muscling, moving…..



between all that, we are staying very busy with these two little guys playing soccer on two different teams


two boys, two teams, practice once or twice weekly, games weekly …… soccer everyday!!


::pictures~ iPhone4, Hipstamatic app::

06 September 2010

7 years


Happy Anniversary!

{Thanks Mom and Dad for allowing us our travels without children this weekend.  It was a fantastic treat for our anniversary weekend!}

Also, Happy Labor Day to everyone!  Enjoy the beautiful fall-like weather that most of our country is beginning to experience.