31 December 2009

our 2009

We kicked off 2009 with the nuisance of the return of the massive sinkhole in our front yard in January.   The sinkhole drama took us well into February as did the ENT surgeries for both the boys

Buck-a-roo turned 4 in March and we attended our 2nd annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, of which Daddy Buck and I plan to ride in this year.  April brought about a Happy Easter and the boys were loving attending almost weekly LSU baseball games.

In May, Buck-a-roo began playing tball; and eventually, the team adopted Frank-o as their teammate as well.  I also celebrated a terrific Mother’s Day with my mom and grandmother.  I also wrote what I consider to be my most comical post since my blog’s inception while preparing to place our house on the market for sale. 

Frank-o turned 3 in June and we began our summer chock full of swimming, all the while Frank-o donned a mohawk.    I also traveled far away for the first time to Philadelphia to attend a nursing conference.   Our summer of swimming continued right on through July with swimming lessons and I celebrated my 1 year blog anniversary

In early August we took a family vacation to the beach and upon returning, two weeks later, Buck-a-roo had heart surgery to repair a heart defect that was diagnosed just a month prior.  In September, Daddy Buck and I celebrated our 6th anniversary

October is historically a busy month in our home…..  there’s football season is full swing, an annual visit to the pumpkin patch, and Halloween

In November, Daddy Buck turned 35 and we had lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.   In December, I turned 31 and this Christmas’ festivities (and Christmas card) were splendid. 

Buck-a-roo continues to make us proud at school, while Frank-o continues to march to his own beat.  We look forward to continued blessings, prosperity, and love for 2010 and we’ll capture all the memories here on our family blog.  And hopefully (fingers crossed), we’ll sell our current home and move into a new home. 

Happy New Year to you all!!

29 December 2009


As the saying goes……. boys will be boys!

And around these parts, we have constant reminders like……


coonskin hats



bows & arrows


{more} camouflage


But, this momma wouldn’t have it any other way for these two B.O.Y.S.

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas from {some} of our family

We wish you a Merry Christmas,


we wish you a Merry Christmas,


we wish you a Merry Christmas,


and a Happy New Year!


24 December 2009

This year’s

Christmas card…….

 christmascardpreview christmascardback2009

Design and photography by yours truly.  Traditional red and green with a Louisiana flair. 

Printed at VistaPrint

18 December 2009

same story…..different holiday

Why is it that I feel as though I just did this??

Christmas treats

It’s because I did.  It only feels like it was last week, truly it was 2 months ago

Nonetheless, we did it.  The boys and I, that is, stuffed another 25 treat bags for their classmates.  With Christmas treats this time around!!

Christmas treats1 

And again for the teachers as well!!


In all actuality, I enjoy doing these sorts of scheduled, rhythmic, organized tasks and I (we) certainly love the act of giving!

It was fun and we hope everyone enjoys!

Now, I will schedule this post for Friday AM and head back to……{you guessed it} gift wrapping!!!

17 December 2009

self-written birthday post


Happy Birthday to You Me, Happy Birthday to You Me, Happy Birthday Dear Mommy, Happy Birthday to You Me! 

I am unsure at this point whether:

a.)  my occasional (read:constant) complaining about sweeping/vacuuming/mopping enough food particles to made a small meal from my floors on a daily basis

b.)  the fact that this sweet lady no longer cleans my house every two weeks

c.)  my three guys love their Momma dearly

scored me this FABULOUS present.


Irregardless……I am one PLEASED Mommy!! 

Thank you Daddy Buck, Buck-a-roo, and Frank-o for a Happy 31st Birthday!!

06 December 2009

‘Tis the Season

…….for taking pictures!

And, I’ve certainly taken my fair share in the past few weeks. 

I’ve taken many, many of my children.  I decided it was too many to post, therefore I made a busy, chaotic, and somewhat gaudy collage for my header to showcase them all. 

I also recently had the pleasure of shooting my third photoshoot in two weeks.  This one of two very special gals to our family. 

Below are several of my favorites…..



Jolissaint Christmas


02 December 2009

my favorites

UPDATE: I changed the layout/template of my blog for the holidays to accomodate the Christmas background. In doing so, I lost the stretch template that allowed for the larger photographs within my posts; thereby shrinking/chopping off all the fabulous pictures in this post. Do not judge my photography skills by the shrunken, out of focus pictures that remain in this post....I'm just sayin'!!


As promised, here are several of my favorite shots from the two {friendly} photoshoots that I had last weekend. The {5} children (from two different families) behaved sooooo incredibly well for my first attempt at photographing children other than my own.

It. Was. Fun.







Who knows? Maybe I should persue this hobby a little further……?????

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