31 October 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

It has been my goal in the past (and it’s really no secret) to coordinate my children’s Halloween costumes as I’m anal retentive and somewhat controlling like that as they are so close in age and {I} think it’s fun!

I’ve been successful in the past in pulling off a cowboy and an indian, an LSU Tigers football player and a Mike the Tiger mascot, and a poiliceman and a fireman

I knew this year would be a challenge for me to have any say in the boy’s choices for Halloween costumes because…..well, they’re older and they have opinions!! 

Which makes this year’s choices all.  the.  more.  fabulous!!! 




They chose their costume theme! 

All on their own! 

And they coordinated! 

And it is quite possibly their favorite costumes yet* (more on that later). 


So, you’ve heard of the Swamp People…….



I give you……our Troy Landry look-a-like



and…..a gator!

{because, “I don’t just wanna be another person Mom!”}


Don’t choot me Troy!!

These boys were hysterical.  They were proud.  They laughed and fed off each other.  They played their parts to the nth degree.  They were creative.  They adored their costumes and their concept!





And if it wasn’t already wonderful enough, get aload of this…….

Troy Landry look-a-like:

polo type shirt, Target, clearance $3.99

camouflage cap, Walmart $3.00

blue jeans, camo rubber boots, gun accessory, brown eyeliner {mustache}, Sharpie {Choot ‘Em tattoos}, already in our aresenal, FREE



green tee shirt, Walmart, clearance $3.00

alligator (actually dinosaur) hat, Dollar Tree, $1.00

alligator (actually dinosaur) tail, Walmart, $1.99

blue jeans, boots, green camo paint, already in our arsenal, FREE


Grand Total: $13.00

for what is arguably their favorite Halloween costumes to date!*


:we trick-or-treated on Friday night at our local Bass Pro Shop and will trick-or-treat in our neighborhood again tonight:

Happy Halloween!!

30 October 2011

The Wildest Show on Earth

Self dubbed The Wildest Show on Earth, The Angola Prison Rodeo certainly does live up to it’s promise. 

The boys were dressed, hats on waiting and ready to hit the road before Daddy Buck could return from his morning run. 


We hit the road with some friends and made the hour drive to St. Francisville, Louisiana for this year’s 47th annual event.  This was our third year to attend; I’ve blogged about it here and here in the past. 

Gotta love a clearance tee shirt from Target that’s a perfect match for the occasion!


This year’s rodeo was a big WIN indeed chock full of fall fun, friends and family, bulls and broncos, guts and glory and a pair of these beauties…..


Handcrafted {by inmates} pine rocking chairs!

Remember, as I’ve mentioned in the past, we did enter the grounds of a maximum security state penitentiary; therefore, no cell phones/cameras are allowed.  So, no pictures from inside the rodeo arena.

26 October 2011

I got to take their pictures again

and unlike last year, this year’s weather conditions were much more conducive!

This sweet-as-pie little girl is Buck-a-roo {and Frank-o}’s best-est “girl”friend.  It also helps that her parents are some of our best friends as well. 


I think we got some great shots this year.


This is my favorite picture of all 5 of them…..


And I loved these pictures I took in this particular location because, for whatever reason, the color of the building in this background appears (in my opinion) to look like fresh fallen snow on the ground.


We also had a little fun along the way…..


16 October 2011

fall fair

Spontaneously, today, we decided after lunch to take the boys to my niece’s school fair.  It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, Daddy Buck and I had both completed our long runs for the day, and we had time to kill before the Saints mid-afternoon game; so why not. 


IMG_9354 IMG_9355

Obstacle course…..


Bumper cars…..

IMG_9356 IMG_9361 



Super slide…..

IMG_9365 IMG_9366



We had a blast!

We even came home and kept the fair spirit alive by making {sugar-free} cotton candy at home. 

08 October 2011

soccer {in action}

Today was the last soccer game of this fall season for the boys.  And since I finally remembered to bring my big camera, here are some great pictures of the boys {in action}. 

IMG_9304  IMG_9309 IMG_9315 IMG_9317 IMG_9319 IMG_9321 IMG_9324 IMG_9329 IMG_9331 IMG_9333 IMG_9342


Zombie Run 5K

Last night, Daddy Buck and I ran our first race on our path to our 1/2 marathon in January.


And we both had personal bests.  The course ran 3.1 miles.  Daddy Buck’s time … 24:32.  My time … 36:05. 

It was a great first run for us.  Not the best course possible, but the mass Thriller street dance was fun after the run.