31 December 2008 New Year!!!!!!!!!!

If you have been following my blog and my recent requests for your prayers...here's an update:
Baby Stellan (MCKMama's son) has been transferred out of the PICU and weaned off of his oxygen. It seems that he has turned the corner and is well on his way to a full recovery.
My neighbor, Jocelyn's, mother underwent a successful 4+ hour neurosurgery to clip an aneurysm in her brain. She remains stable and responsive at this point. Thanks for your prayers and concern.

Now that the update is out of the way--let's get to the New Year's Eve post.....

This picture exemplifies the true feelings of my children toward fireworks.

Not huge fans, though they did warm up somewhat...to sparklers only!!

Happy New Year! Best wishes from our family to you and yours for a blessed, safe, prosperous 2009.

"Enough Mudder, no more pictures until next year"

L-S-U Way to geaux, TIGERS, way to geaux!! L-S-U

prayers needed

The details are sketchy at this point, but I am asking for your prayers for my dear friend, Jocelyn's, mother. Apparently my friend had to travel to Alabama in the middle of the night last night because her mother had a brain aneurysm and may have to undergo brain surgery in the near future.

Please pray for God to work through the doctors and nurses at her side and for her complete recovery.


Let us not forget that our LSU Tigers are playing tonight in the Chick-fil-A bowl in Atlanta, Georgia. GEAUX Tigers!! Beat Georgia Tech!!

Wordless Wednesday

30 December 2008

like father, like son! like mother, like son?

Buck-a-roo is the spitting image of his dad...from his eating habits, demeanor, likes/dislikes, and as of today, haircut!! He hopped into the barbers chair this afternoon and said, "Mr. Jerry, shave it like my dad's!"

And there you have it. That's as close to shaved as I will allow a 3 y/o's hair to be. {Gotta love the red & green Christmas candy choker}

This kid, on the other hand, is much more like me....eats anything that doesn't eat him first and would sport long locks of hair to run his fingers through, if only his dad (fine by me) would approve.

**please note the fact that Buck-a-roo is using a knife and a fork to cut his waffle all by himself. he was most proud and insisted that I photograph his efforts. please do not note that fact that my child is eating a waffle (or having a little waffle with his massive amounts of syrup) for dinner

I will leave you tonight with an "Out of the Mouths" courtesy of Frank-o...
Following dinner (bar-be-qued sausage and Pringles for Frank-o, if you must know), Buck-a-roo and Frank-o were wrestling, a little too much post-eating. Frank-o apparently belched/hiccupped/vomited? in his mouth (I know that's gross, right) and said "Mom, I tooted in my mouth!" That kid, that kid!!

Pray, Pray, Pray

Remember the MckMiracle that I posted about back in October??

Well, here he is now at eight weeks old and once again needs our prayers!!

He is the son of my blogging friend, MckMama, and he is currently hospitalized in the pediatric ICU for a severe case of RSV and possibly will be intubated and placed on the ventilator later today.

Let's pray for the doctors and nurses to work hard and for Stellan's swift recovery.

29 December 2008

unsupervised bathtime fun

Per MCKMama's blessing, "Not Me! Monday" is on Christmas break this week.

BUT, if I was participating this week, these pictures certainly would have made the list. Because, I definitley DO NOT leave my boys unsupervised long enough in the bathtub for this chaos to take place. Thank heavens the crazy, colored, foam, soapy, stuff that my MIL gave them in their stockings for Christmas is tear-free!!

26 December 2008

A Very, Merry Christmas indeed

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Aunt Tracy, Happy Birthday to you!!!

When our bellies are stuffed with wonderful food and we've snacked until we're about to pop, the lights are the tree are turned off, the stocking are unstuffed and re-hung by the fireplace, all the ripped-apart gift wrap is stuffed into trash bags, all the empty boxes are on the street for trash pick-up, all the new toys have been unpackaged and tried out--when it's all over.....you think, how could it have been any better?? Well, this year it couldn't have been any better. Well, maybe, the weather could have been a bit more desirable, less humid, less damp, more sunshine; but, hey!

My parents came here Christmas Eve to be here for Christmas morning with Santa's appearance and for Christmas lunch. Family, food, and loads of fun!! There were definite themes in the gifts that the boys received, primarily, "hunting" paraphenalia with some sports items and many, many, many trucks in the mix.

Uncle Jason gave the boys their very own "hunting chairs" just like their dad's. And, a basketball for their new goal that Santa delivered later that night.

This was my favorite "opening presents" picture and what was discovered after opening those packages turned out to be one of their favorites.

Papa Cody and Maw-Maw gave the boys shotguns just like their dad's, remote control cars, a video game for the TV, and slippers.

Despite the obvious question of whether or not they had been good boys all year long, Santa Claus did make a huge appearance at our house for Christmas morning. And the looks on their faces make it all worth it. {grin} (As I am typing this post and hearing them bickering across the house, I wonder???)

In keeping with the hunting theme, Santa left a four-wheeler and bows & arrows.

Santa also left them each new bicycles.....a New Orleans Saints bicycles for Buck-a-roo and and LSU Tigers bicycle for Frank-o. And, the good 'ole St. Nick also left them each a "Santa Sack" filled with a guitar, DVD, and nerf gun.

Of course, they couldn't wait to get outside...so that's exactly what we did, bright and early at 0630. They rode their new "rides" all day (in and out of the fog, drizzle, showers).

Don't let that last picture fool you....And don't be so naive to think that it was all smiles, laughing, and perfect pictures...because even on Christmas, you have to share with your little brother because Santa said the four-wheeler was for the BOTH of you and even on Christmas an almost four year old will pitch a "running-dog" fit because he doesn't want to share with his little brother despite the fact that he is sitting on a brand-spanking new bicycle that Santa Claus brought him.

Daddy Buck and I made it a point to begin to teach the act of giving to our children this year; Buck-a-roo did understand and enjoy giving out the gifts that he had helped to purchase and wrap.

Oh yea, and did I mention something about several trucks (thanks Aunt Debra and Alexis)earlier....car haulers, remote control cars, a car village rug for driving your miscellaneous cars around. The boys have so loved playing TRUCKS over the past few days and I have only almost broke my neck and ruined the holiday with a trip to the ER stepped on one of the many cars/trucks strowed throughout our living quarters.

It's all about a celebration with family for the birth of Jesus Christ and seeing the priceless, no~words~to~describe looks on the faces of children on Christmas morning. As the song says, ithe most wonderful time of the year!