13 August 2011

no longer PRE

He’s the second child; I suppose it’s only natural to feel like you always follow in the footsteps…….


“how much longer will I have to be 3 years old?”

“when will I ever be 4 years old?”

“I’m tired of PRE K3!”

“When will PRE K4 be over?”



Last Thursday was the day that all of Frank-o’s questions could cease and he marched on to Kindergarten!

Even though he’s the second and will always be behind his brother; he loves him!!  Lots!!


Backpacks on backs, lunchboxes in tow, together they’ll now go……


So he hopped on the schoolbus, in the front row where the Kindergarteners are assigned to sit.  And Dad and I raced in our cars to the school to await his arrival. 


To his classroom we went.  He’s familiar with the surroundings as he has the same Kindergarten teacher that Buck-a-roo had (following….footsteps….once again….such is life). 

Smiles, cheeses, high fives, cheers and big tight hugs!


And just like that……we said our goodbyes and he began his schoolwork that awaited on his desk as if he already knew what he was supposed to get accomplished for the day.


He can’t even reach the light in the bathroom to turn it on for himself, yet he goes off to Kindergarten. 

Yes, tears welled as I walked to my car that morning…….

10 August 2011

the boys’ new toy

My Dad surprised the boys yesterday by coming into town and bringing with him a new toy for them…….


a BOAT!!  Trolling motor, paddle, ladder and all.


They wasted no time…..in a matter of minutes, life vests were on and fastened and the boat was afloat!


One might would think that this boat would be used for leisurely fishing on our 7+acre lake, not re-a-llllly! 

Click on the video link below to see what we{they} find most fun to do from the boat!

|please do try to ignore the ridiculously loud panting of my dogs in the background and the utterly embarrassing sound of my voice on video|

Thanks PC!!

09 August 2011

working on a record



Last weekend, the boys and I headed East


to the BEACH!  Still working on our record summer of beach trips, this was #4 and #5 comes in two weeks!


We’re turning into quite the crew of “beach bums”!

We embrace the sand…..every last grain of it; the grains between your toes, the grains stuck in your swimsuit, the grains left behind in the seats of the car


Those we miss Daddy Buck tremendously, I have enjoyed my {alone} time with my boys on these past two adventures.


I’m hesitant to even put into type, but it almost seems as if we’re turning a huge corner these days in behavior, character, manners, obedience with these two little guys.  From beach play to pool play, car travel to dining out, playing with each to playing friends and everything in between…..when I tell you they were well behaved, I mean really well behaved!


And they love each other!  And it shows!  And it makes me proud. 

Just yesterday, Buck-a-roo’s homework was a biography assignment, if you will, on him.  One question:  My best friend is ……………….  my brother!


I packed ‘light’ {wink}…..all iPhone pics


1st Day of 1st Grade


As a family, we began Buck-a-roo’s 1st morning of 1st grade at their before&after care where we had breakfast and where Buck-a-roo would catch the schoolbus.  He was all smiles to begin his day!


Smiles remained as they called for the students to line up to catch the schoolbus. 


As I snapped one last picture and Buck-a-roo hopped on the bus; much like last year, Daddy Buck, Frank-o, and myself jumped in our vehicles and boogied to Buck-a-roo’s school to be there when he arrived off the schoolbus. 


He arrived still smiling and we saw him to his desk in his classroom.  Hugs, kisses, and we were out the door and anxiously awaiting 3:00 to hear all about his 1st day of 1st grade


Which, by the way, was a smashing success in his book and he wishes to remain in 1st grade forever because it’s “awesome”!  DB and I are just hoping the enthusiasm lasts for several weeks! 

01 August 2011

Project 365 :July:

Looks like I was preoccupied this month.....


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