30 October 2009

Friday Flashback

Friday Flashback was born out of my love of looking back through the vast reportoire of pictures that I have taken over the years of my two sons.  To see their growth and development, to stir up past memories, and to remember the accomplishments, excitements, and {some} disappointments of the moments brings a smile to my face. 

In the spirit of Halloween tomorrow, we’ll have one {more} Halloween inspired week for Friday Flashback. 

So choose you favorite photo for the theme…..



Meet my Cowboy and Indian of Halloween 2007!


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24 October 2009

{Large} Cat Fight

You know when you go to the zoo, there’s always a sign that reads “ Large Cats -------->>>>>” and it leads you to the Tigers {Lions, Panthers, Cheetahs, and such} display. 

That’s what comes to mind for tonight’s showdown in Death Valley……it will be a {large} cat fight as the Auburn Tigers come to battle our LSU Tigers!


Sorry Wilson Window…….GEAUX Tigers!!!

parenting magazine idea + (2) cooped indoors boys…….



= a big mess to clean up with plenty fun along the way

23 October 2009

Friday Flashback

I have done Friday Flashback posts in the past; however, this week I decided to add a MckLinky list to the bottom of the post. Since my blog following has recently grown a {wee} bit, I thought the added participation might be fun.

In honor of the season, this week’s Friday Flashback photo comes from:

Fall/Halloween 2008

I remember this picture well because it is the actual picture that I chose for our Halloween cards last year. As you can see, this picture was taken pre-DSLR camera the boys were LSU-inspired on their costumes {chosen by their Mommy} last year, as an LSU football player and LSU’s Mike the Tiger. Buck-a-roo loved his costume and, though, Frank-o looks pleasant in this particular picture; he was less than thrilled, for the remainder of the Halloween season, about his costume.

To join in the fun (and I hope many of you will), select a picture from you reportoire that was taken in the Fall/Halloween season of 2008 and create a post about it, then link back to this MckLinky list so we can all enjoy. If the participation is worthwhile, let’s make it a weekly posting……

19 October 2009

for the teachers

remember our Halloween treat bag frenzy for my boys’ preschool friends?

you didn’t think that I forgot the teachers, did you??


I.  Did. Not.

I just love sending treats to school for special occasions for the teachers and the children and I believe, this year’s, in particular, turned out very cute (if I do say so myself). 

Halloween is just around the corner…..

 IMG_3921 IMG_3925IMG_3923

17 October 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Today, I took the boys to a nearby pumpkin patch sponsored by a local Episcopal church.  We are much later in choosing our display pumpkins than in years past because we have been inundated with rain for the past 15/16 days prior to this weekend.


However, this weekend the temperatures finally dipped down into the 50s-60s, the humidity dropped below 80%, we had to dig out the blue jeans and were able to finally wear our {long sleeve} Halloween t-shirts….a picturesque fall weekend is upon us. 


There was definitely a strategy displayed by each of the boys in choosing {their} pumpkins……


Buck-a-roo’s plan was to choose the largest, heaviest pumpkin that he, himself, could carry!  Frank-o’s idea was to choose as many of the smaller pumpkins that he could wrap his fingers around!

After a much more generous that initially intended donation to the church, here’s what we heaved and howed into our vehicle to bring home. 


We tried to return one rotten pumpkin that had landed in our wagon, but they would not take it back!!


Enjoy the first weekend of Fall for all of our fellow {deep} Southerners!  Have a great weekend everyone!!


11 October 2009

strike a pose

In true gameday fashion my boys dressed in their New Orleans Saints gear today, though our team had a bye this week and did not play today. 

I thought they were all looking quite handsome today, so I asked them to “pose” for a picture all together……..

{this is the best I got, I LOVE it}


What followed that picture, I did not prompt in the least……

Buck-a-roo asked me to take his picture, swiftly hopped into place and began “striking a pose” as if he had been paid for photo shoots his entire four years of life!


As with everything in our lives, monkey-see monkey-do soon followed and I could hardly take the pictures with a steady hand because I chuckling so hard.

  IMG_3826 IMG_3827

And, in typical Frank-o style……he is quickly over that moment in time and on to something new.  Buck-a-roo seems to have not gotten the memo that the photoshoot had ended!


{I may be a bit biased, but I believe they are handsome fellows…..all three of them!}

10 October 2009


I have an exciting announcement…………….

Peanut Butter & Pickle Reviews

I have been asked to join the review team of a popular Mommy review website, Peanut Butter and Pickle Reviews.

As a contributor, I will write reviews on products that I have personally have sampled, tested, approved, disapproved, trialed, enjoyed, liked, disliked, etc…. via samples, giveaways, products that are sent to me from various manufacturers. 

I am excited to embark on this new role!!

Here is my bio that is soon forthcoming on the Peanut Butter & Pickles website:

I am a wife of six years and a mother to two boys (ages 3 and 4) by morning and night and a pediatric intensive care nurse somewhere in the hours between.   I possess a passion for parenting, a penchant for photography, and a partiality (prejudice even) to pediatrics in world of medicine.  When I’ve finished loving, mothering, nursing, and photographing…..I also have a rejuvenated desire for running.  I am obsessed with organization, cuckoo for cleanliness, nuts about networking (via Twitter and my family’s personal blog) and end each day in personal prayer. 

09 October 2009

what was I thinking?

Last night….(right at bedtime, following bathtime, after the boys and I had been to dinner with some friends at a pizza/arcade joint) I get the great {storybook} idea that the boys should help me stuff their treat bags for the friends in their respective preschool classes for their upcoming Halloween party. 

So, I gathered the 7 items to be placed into the 40 treat bags and positioned them into 3 stations (one station for each of us……  that’s right, Daddy Buck missed out on this family fun……  I’m certain he was devastated)


It began as a valiant effort on everyone’s part and was good, wholesome, family fun {in theory} for about 15 minutes (or through about a 1/3 of the goal, ?remember?, 40 treat bags)


For a brief few moments, it turned into whoa hey hello yoohoo overhereboys notfinishedyet.


Somehow, we gathered our composure again to finish the task at hand.


40 Halloween treat bags

stuffed with: puzzles, pencils, straws, stickers, temporary tattoos, rings, and candy

2 Mommy hands, 4 kid hands working diligently nonchalantly

1 hour time, 1 hour past bedtime

memories to last a lifetime


And fell fast asleep with the leftover loot in hand…………

Lesson Learned???


I need {much} more practice at photographing in the dark with no flash!!!!!

06 October 2009

Football Fun

It’s football season and in our house that translates into gameday gear, football food, Saturdays devoted to college football, Sundays focused on the NFL, Monday Night Football, and Daddy Buck experiencing momentary periods of elevated blood pressure.


Though the boys do enjoy the initial hype of the season and donning their appropriate jerseys, this season they have quickly learned that football being on the television takes away from their television time; and we all know how good 3 and 4 year olds are with sharing



This past Sunday was extra enjoyable because we were joined by Uncle Jason at our house for fun, fellowship, food, and football.  


And, have I mentioned that we are 4-5 weeks deep in the football season and our teams are sitting pretty!  Oh yea baby, that’s right!!



LSUtigersOur LSU Tigers are currently 5-0 and will face the #1 ranked Florida Gators   this Saturday in Tiger Stadium, better know as Death Valley!  GEAUX Tigers!!



fleurde lis saintsWho Dat that has started the season undefeated at 4-0…….our New Orleans Saints that have a bye this weekend!!


I will say that my two favorite players are, by far, #45 and #27…..


IMG_3683 IMG_3684