22 February 2012

{smalltown} Mardi Gras 2012

The boys and I visited our friends in New Roads for Fat Tuesday. We spent the day in their restaurant on the parade route for 2 parades. Here's a few pictures.......


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18 February 2012

Baseball at the Box

Last night was opening night of LSU Tigers Baseball at Alex Box Stadium!

This makes our third year in a row to make opening weekend of Baseball at the Box! I blogged about the two previous years here and here!

Buck-a-roo was thrilled that baseball season is finally here and can hardly wait for his own baseball season to start in a few weeks because this year is an exciting year.........the highly anticipated year that he gets to move up to the 'Coach Pitch' league!

He had his own excitement at the ballpark last night amidst the peanuts, sunflower seeds, Starburst, and popcorn.......he pulled his loose front tooth!

Frank-o, too, was thrilled to be back in the bleachers.......he and "his" Mike the Tiger!

And, he and "his" Mike the Tiger had a visit from "the" Mike the Tiger!

Our LSU Tigers WON their season opener and here's hoping for a promising 2012 baseball season of Baseball at the {Alex} Box {Stadium}!

*cell phone pictures / cell phone blogging


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