31 May 2011

Project 365 :May:

My first month of the year with "misses".......


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28 May 2011

To grandmother's house we went

In the car,

over the bridge,

down the slide,

and through the rocks.....

to grandmother's house we went!


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20 May 2011

We cruise on......


Yes, the Mississippi River is cresting at record levels as we speak type

Yes, there's flooding in all areas of our part of the world right now.

photo courtesy NOLA.com

Yes, it appears that this cruise ship (at port in New Orleans) is sitting atop the streetcar when, at any other time they're virtually level to one another

But, I've confirmed with the cruiseline and we are all systems a-go for setting sail tomorrow!

{seems as though cruise lines are only concerned when waters are too low, high water = good, to some extent}


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15 May 2011

the new craze



With the recent fantastic Spring weather, we’ve made several visits to area parks.


As much as my two boys love the see-sawing, swinging, and sliding;


we are also enjoying the new craze that seems to be popping up everywhere…….SPLASHPARKS!!


The splishing and splashing is a welcomed addition alongside the traditional park.  Especially in our neck of the woods! 


And, soon enough, we’ll be turning in our splishing and splashing at the splashpark, our swimming pool, and our backyard lake for some splishing and splashing Carribean style!


And I know two little boys that can hardly wait!!