28 November 2011


So Daddy Buck and I have been running steady for over a year now and training consistently for months for our upcoming 1/2 marathon in January

We both ran personal record paces at our Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving and we also both set personal distance records on our long runs yesterday. 


 runnerjack runnerlori

I think it’s safe to refer to ourselves as “runners” these days…….

24 November 2011


In all of the craziness that surrounded Daddy Buck’s birthday surprise, I failed to post about our other Veteran’s Day festivities.  I didn’t want it to go without mention and since there’s no better day to speak of veterans than Thanksgiving Day……

Veteran’s Day is a big deal for our family

Daddy Buck was asked to be the keynote speaker this year at the boys’ Veteran’s Day school program.  It was an honor and he delivered a heartfelt recollection of his time in the military and a reminder of why we should give thanks to our veterans everyday. 


There wasn’t a dry eye in the room following his time at the podium (nevermind that I didn’t even make it through the sweet 5th grader’s reading of his bio and introduction) and these two little guys were most proud of there dad. 


So…..today….Thanksgiving…..we’re thankful for each other, the brave men and women fighting overseas on this very day for our freedom, and life’s many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

20 November 2011

a few of my favs from today’s photoshoot……..

Today’s photoshoot in a few words…..

::two families, best friends, my friends, a few nerves, unseasonably WARM, cute kiddos, Christmas cards photos in mind, some great captures::

IMG_9617 IMG_9458 IMG_9467 IMG_9480 IMG_9486 IMG_9489 IMG_9518 IMG_9521 IMG_9554 IMG_9558 IMG_9582 IMG_9583 IMG_9598

15 November 2011

Fall Family Pictures

We were fortunate enough recently to have family pictures taken again by our friend and photographer, Matt Torres.  He was also the man behind the camera here last Spring.

Here are a few of my favorites……

_MG_9242 _MG_9255_MG_9347 _MG_9282_MG_9273-2  _MG_9325

You can see Matt’s sneak peek here at his photography blog.

Now excuse me while I stress over the decisions of our family Christmas card for the next week or so…….

13 November 2011

11.11.11 {SURPRISE!}

For three months now, I’ve been planning a surprise birthday party for Daddy Buck.  I thought 11.11.11 was a big enough once-in-a-lifetime birthday to have a shindig; he turned 37, nothing special there.  {Why wait until 40 to have a big party?}


There were some minor miscues over the course of three months that likely proved I could never have an affair and keep it a secret, but I think I pulled it off for the most part. 


He certainly was unaware of the surprise guests that traveled from other states to be here to celebrate.  Daddy Buck had not seen either of these guys in a year or two.


Fall decor throughout the house, cigar boxes held napkins and utensils atop the tables, fresh flower arrangements, unbelievable food, and a mammoth chocolate-chocolate cake!

Daddy Buck doesn’t eat sweets…..


…..but he did this night. 

He even obliged us by blowing out the candles!


He also doesn’t like birthday gifts…..

(Buck-a-roo wanted to make sure that his gift got opened even though he couldn’t be here, adults only!)


…..but, I think he did on this night!


I couldn’t have put it together to the magnitude it was without the help of many of our closest friends.  And, boy, do we have talented friends…..musicians, chefs, bakers, caterers, artists, photographers, beer brewers, and cigar connoisseurs. 


Not out of character, Daddy Buck delivered a spur of the moment fantastic speech that included something about having an out of this world wife {smile}.

And, like always, he tried to remove the spotlight from it being his birthday and refocus to the fact that on the same day we celebrate Veteran’s Day and without the brave soldiers fighting for our freedom we couldn’t have been at this very party. 


It was a great party that lasted into the wee hours of the morning and that Daddy Buck will remember forever!



*all of the photographs were taken by someone else, and thank heavens she did!