27 November 2010

Buck-a-roo’s girl

Buck-a-roo’s girl since his 2yr old preschool class is B.  She and her family are dear friends of ours.  They asked me to take their family pictures and yesterday was the day. 


It’s been planned for weeks.  It’s been 80+ degrees in November for weeks.  Yesterday……….45 degrees and raining!  Fabulous!!


What’s a photographer to do, but embrace it!  {and bring along a nice black umbrella that you borrowed from your mother who was in town for Thanksgiving} 


Despite the weather conditions, everyone was in good spirits and we got some good pictures!!  Christmas card worthy.


24 November 2010

Today, I’m thankful for……


my parents

our new house



{Buck-a-roo’s words}



mommies and daddies

brothers and sisters

rain for our new flowers

this wonderful day

{Frank-o’s words}


Well put my boys and so so so much more.  We.  Are.  Blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wordless Wednesday




11 November 2010


Happy Birthday to you,


{….our decorations…..}

Happy Birthday to you,


Happy Birthday dear Daddy Buck


Happy Birthday to you!

However, more important to you {and us},

Happy Veteran’s Day and thank you for your service to our country.

Last night in our new kitchen, their were 20 tiny fingers hard at work whisking brownie batter and sugar cookie batter for Dad’s birthday.  They are at great ages where they’re fun in the kitchen and they were eager to prepare treats for their Dad!



A true labor of love……Happy Birthday Dad!  We. Love. You.

IMG_8203-2     {…..our eats…..}


10 November 2010

two takes

After much deliberation, I decided that Daddy Buck and I should be included in this year’s Christmas card.  Two years ago, we were (in a somewhat similar manner in which we will be this year as well {he!he!}).  Last year, we were not…..it was just the boys!

I go back and forth on my feelings here…..most times, I do believe recipients of the said Christmas card would enjoy seeing a family picture of the four of us, seeing as many of the people receiving the card may or may not have seen us all throughout the year.  With that being said, sometimes that doesn’t happen…..why? 

A. Because I do not like myself in pictures……there I said it!! 

B.  Because I love my boys in pictures!



I opted to try for a family Christmas card this year and Daddy Buck and I WILL be present in some way, shape, or form {grin!}.

Therefore, I’m sharing more pictures from my intended-for-Christmas-cards photo shoot (at which Daddy Buck was not present) that, sadly, will not be used……



I put probably way too much effort into Christmas cards and I have a few guidelines in the choosing:

*the design must be in traditional red and green colors

*the wording must read, ‘Merry Christmas’

*there shall be no wintery symbols, i.e. snow, snowflakes, etc…..

I could go on, but I will stop because it seems I have a problem!  It’s just a Christmas card for heaven sakes……..

09 November 2010

Ninja Brothers

As promised {only 8 or so day after the fact (it’s the best I can seem to do these days)}, here they are……



doing what Ninjas do?!?!


*neither of their face drapes (if that’s what you call Ninja gear) would stay put as they should across the bridge of their noses, so I offered to paint their faces

 {hooray for me!! READ: paint removal nightmare}

** Frank-o refused to wear his headress/hoodie (once again not certain what Ninjas refer to their gear as) declaring, “I can still be a Ninja wiffout that thing!”  Why YES, you can!! 

*** And off we went…..umbrellas in tow…..trick-or-treating in the pouring down rain…..on November 1, All Saint’s Day!

{lots of sarcasm in this here post}


Daddy Buck:  “Smile for the camera boys!”

Buck-a-roo:  “Ninjas don’t smile Dad!”

Frank-o:  “Yea, ninjas don’t smile!”

{that’s not what it looks like in the two pictures above}

Me:  ::snap::

05 November 2010

until warmer temperatures return


Since moving to our new home on a lake,


this has {had} quickly become a favorite pastime of our boys. 


Considering we awoke to temperatures in the 40’s this morning, our {truly} first chilly morning of the season,


I’m afraid the boys new afterschool, Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon, and everywakingmomenttheycouldsqueezein activity will now have to await the return of warmer temperatures.


At least, now you know what they’ve been up to……swimming in their “new pool”!