31 July 2008

Aside from my own, of course, below is a link to my favorite blog to read. This family is complete strangers to me, however, her (the mother's) blog is so entertaining--she is a captivating author and humorous mother of three young children and one on the way. Currently she is pregnant with an extremely complicated and severely critical pregnancy and is requesting a prayer movement and ultimately a miracle for her unborn baby boy. Clicking the link below will take you to their blog where, if you would like,you can learn of their situation and join a prayer vigil for an unborn baby. We can relate to the fear of losing your unborn child and the fear of losing a child born too early. Jack and I were blessed with two miracle sons and will pray for the same for this family!! Allow yourself some time...it is quite lengthy to get fully up-do-date of their situation.

The Vaughn Family

30 July 2008

Thanks and please pray...

Thanks to LeAnna and Amy for signing the guestbook. This whole "blogging" thing is becoming very addicting for me.

Harley got into his first "spat" at school today. He and another child (actually one of his better friends) were arguing over a ball in the gym and the other child scratched him across his face. From the looks of it, the other child won ;~( I am sure it is the first of many!

On a much more grim note, yesterday was the single worst day in my pediatric critical care nursing experiences. Without many details, I am sure most of you locals and maybe some out-of-towners heard of the fatal accident on I-12 yesterday. I, first-handedly, had to witness, experience, aide, nurse a now-orphaned critically injured four year old child and it was TOUGH!! Please keep her in your prayers as she overcomes the injuries that she sustained and begins life as she will now come to know it without parents or one of her two sisters. I, as a critical care nurse, have an up close and personal hand in saving lives daily and it is awesome...though some days are really tough.

Enjoy your families, have fun with your friends, pray daily and hug the babies!!!

HELLO...Anybody out there???

We would like to know who is visiting our blog and are you enjoying it!! Just below the postings and above the music , is our Guestbook. Please take a moment to sign the guestbook next time you are browsing the blog. Thanks and believe you me, if I can do this...anyone can!! Every family should try it--it is fun, entertaining, and informative!!

27 July 2008

Could have been a disaster

When we got home from the swimming pool this afternoon, I had unloaded the car of the boys' backpacks and napmats to prepare for Monday morning and low and behold Cody begins rummaging through his backpack and comes out with a nu-nu in his mouth and an extra in hand. Total fear came over me!!! Jack, Harley and I made a big Hoo-rah about how Cody is a "big boy" now and all nu-nu's go in the trash--we took him to the trash can and he threw them away!! For this, he got a Starburst AND a Tootsie Roll!!

Wasn't so bad...

So, Cody woke up from nap time and didn't mention the "N" word once!! Slight mention of it, finally, at bedtime; then, he drifted off to sleep like an angel and slept ALL night. Not once, did he wake, to "chase" the nu-nu around the bed. Jack and I feel so FREE!! No more attachments to inanimate objects. Except, of course, for Cody's many, many stuffed animals!!

As for the potty-training, He wet only ONE pull-up during the day yesterday and that was during our outdoor play in the morning. He woke up dry after nap time (might I mention, that Harley soaked my bed and all my linens during nap time) and asked to "potty" three times while we were at the swimming pool yesterday. I was very proud of Cody (and myself) for making such huge strides yesterday!!

We spent the bulk of the afternoon at the swimming pool (had to be out of the house and lots of entertainment to avoid the nu-nu hysterics). Harley is doing terrific with his attempts at swimming. He pushes off the wall, underwater, and kicks while holding his breath across the entire baby pool and half-way across the big pool. They both jump in the big pool without assistance and go completely underwater.

All in all, the day (after the initial two and half hours of mania without the nu-nu) wasn't so bad. Here's a couple pics of the two of them being "macho" at the pool. They are somewhat grainy because they were taken with from my cell phone.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks for checking in with us...

26 July 2008

Naptime...and look closely!!

NO NU-NU!!!!

Play-doh saves the day...momentarily!!!

For the moment, Cody is hoarse and has been distracted with Play-doh that Harley was playing with.

Did I mention, that Cody is also wearing a pull-up for the first time so that we can efficiently potty-train today!! Am I crazy??

Today is the Day...All Nu-Nu's get thrown Away

It has been 1 hour 9 minutes of blood-curdling, back-arching, stiff-legged, lip-biting, lip-bleeding, dry-heaving, gagging, stuffed animal throwing, red-faced screaming "My Nu-Nu" at least 1,000 times. The Nu-Nu's have been throw away, so PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! At least, Cody is getting a little hoarse.

My head hurts.............

Monster Gender

Last night, Harley and I were sitting in Jack's chair watching TV and waiting on Jack to arrive home from work. Harley was picking his nose--not unusual!! What follows below is our conversation:

Mommy: "Harley if you keep picking your nose, there is a monster inside of your nose that will come out and he will eat your finger off."

Harley: "Where is he, Mommy?" (continuing to pick his nose)

Mommy: "He lives inside of your nose; he is called the 'Booger Monster'!"

Harley: "Mommy, is the 'Boogah Monster' a boy or a girl??"

And, that's what really matters to a 3 year old!!!!

25 July 2008

Move over Picasso...Here comes Harley Buck!!

Harley's Finger Painting Artwork

I think I will frame it in some gallery frames and hang on the wall. Too much of a masterpiece not to:)

21 July 2008

Good News for Cody!!

I had a colleague pull Cody's labwork from the computer yesterday and spoke to the pediatrician this morning and it seems as though Cody's previously abnormal blood levels are resolving and returning to normal values. This is great news, seeing as we have been dealing with these abnormalities for almost six weeks secondary to two severe viral infections. He is officially well, FOR NOW!! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for checking in on us...Lori

20 July 2008

Weekend in Alexandria

Jack went to Mobile, AL to watch his Uncle Tim play in a regional tennis tournament, so the boys and I went to Alexandria for the weekend. As always, when we visit in Alexandria it is a mad dash around town to visit friends and family. Well worth it though!!

Harley and Cody wrestling with Papa Cody...

Harley and Cody scaling a dirt mound with their new friends, Carson and Callie Hinton...

Harley and Cody playing horseshoes with their Great Paw-Paw Harley...

Great times had by all...

15 July 2008

Cody is on the road to recovery

As some of you may or may not be aware, Cody has been sick for the past six weeks with the Epstein-Barr virus and the Cytemegalovirus...aka Mononucleosis. He ran fever off and on for 3-4 weeks, had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, had a swollen spleen and liver, and has had blood drawn 4 times in as many weeks. This Friday, July 18, he returns to the hospital for what I hope is his last blood draw for several weeks. He is very versed in what happens when we visit the lab and it is miserable to hold him down to be stuck, even when you are a PEDIATRIC RN :( I will post the results next week when we receive them, hopefully much improved!!! Please keep Cody in your prayers--he has been so tough the past few weeks!!

Tired mommy, Lori

11 July 2008


Welcome to my new web page, aka blog. It is my new format for allowing friends and family a quick glimpse into our daily lives at their convenience. I will post our current events, daily happenings, and pictures for your viewing and you can post comments (feedback) for us to read. I am much better at typed communication, i.e. email and thought this would be more in depth and easily accessible. We'll see how it goes and how up-to-date it remains :)
Thanks, Lori

Harley's Swimming Lessons

Harley started a two week session of swimming lessons at our local YWCA this past Monday. He wasn't thrilled in the beginning. Refused to even put his feet in the pool and said he didn't care if he ever went back to his Aunt Tracy's swimming pool, so long as he didn't have to take swimming lessons. He quickly warmed up to the idea after minimal peer pressure from his friend, Drew. I also think he likes the cute, young lifeguard in the red two-piece that holds him tight and takes him around the pool :) As of today, he goes under water, floats on his back, and jumps to his teacher in the deep end. One more week, then what?? Do we sign up for another session or is he swimming like a fish??? Who knows??

Cody is not thrilled about the lessons either...for a much different reason though. He is ready to jump in without assistance in the deep end right NOW!! NO FEAR!! It is hot and not so fun to him just to watch. He will get his turn next summer.