28 February 2010

Back into the “swing” of things


It’s here!! IMG_5885

Our family’s favorite season of the year!!


It’s baseball season!


LSU Tigers Baseball! 


We took the boys to the first ballgame of the season last Sunday and subsequently their second of the season today!  Sundays are typically a family friendly day at the ballpark and they even allow the children to “run the bases” following the game. 

The boys waited patiently anxiously awaited the final out of the 9th inning and took their places in lines, sans Mommy (no adults allowed on the field), to run the bases. 



And they’re off!! 


Faces of total enthusiasm and excitement!  Elation even!!





“Why the disappointed, sad, angry faces boys?”

Frank-o:  “They only let me run once time!”

Buck-a-roo:  “They wouldn’t let me slide into home plate like the players do!”

These pictures were taken a week ago……last Sunday…..the first game of the season…..

Today…..our second game of the season……once again, on “run the bases” Sunday…..ask me if WE ran the bases AGAIN…..I THINK NOT!!

25 February 2010

Peanut Butter and Pickles Reviews

I have two new reviews each with a giveaway posted here and here.  They both feature my dear friend and her sweet {new} daughter!  Go check them out and enter to win!!

18 February 2010

Favorite pastime of the current times

My boys can take this collection of art supplies that I recently gathered into an “art station”, if you will,


and make them come to life in some of the most magical creations of art that you’ve ever laid eyes on!


Well, that is if your eyes belong to their mother and father!!

Creating artwork has become one of their favorite pastimes which suits me perfectly considering we have had one of the coldest and wettest winters on record……it is a well chosen pastime for the current times.

It also makes for terrific decorative masterpieces for our home (remember this) that is, once again, if you are their mother and father and you believe they are works of art.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, per se!!

16 February 2010

the new and improved chaos

My dear MckCruise friend, Mandy, has spruced up things around Vaughn Family Chaos MUCH to my liking.  She rocks HTML like you would not believe!!!  Check out her site by clicking on the button below and tell her VaughnMom sent you…..

Blogs by Mandy

Mandy has also started a charitable organization, Survival Mode Parent, in which volunteers are paired with parents of children hospitalized in an NICU or PICU setting.  These volunteers are then available to aid in the basic needs of the parents while their children are hospitalized.  I am a volunteer for this organization and urge you, if it’s in your heart, to do the same.  Click on the button below for more details…..

Survival Mode Parent


It’s that time of year again…….

in the Deep South!

**when adults and children alike, line the streets along multiple parade routes well in advance of the parade start time braving the cold; and begin to shout “Throw Me Something Mister” like mad crazy people when the parade rolls by**


**when we dispose of last year’s drinkware and restock the cabinets with a fresh stack of coveted plastic drinking cups**


**when grown adults flail themselves in front of large, 8-12 wheeled, moving vehicles all in the name of catching beads**


**when we perch our preschool-sized children atop our shoulders til our shoulders are black&blue or hold them high til our arms are trembling to catch ridiculous throws and feel a sense of achievement when we score something as comical and insundry as a rubber chicken**


**you will wear the same shirt each day of the weekend for several straight weekends and on into the Monday and Tuesday of the holiday week because it is your purple/green/gold fleur-de-lis shirt of the season**


It’s Mardi Gras season!!!!


and, these two boys have come to truly enjoy the chaos of it all (you can see last year’s festivities here).


As the festivities of the carnival season come to an end today,


on a much more serious note, the season of Lent will begin tomorrow on Ash Wednesday.


12 February 2010

Snow Day 2010


After a false alarm earlier this year, we finally did receive “the white stuff” this morning and the boys and I were home from school and work to enjoy it!!  IMG_5831

This makes two years in a row (see last year’s post here {and do take note that my photography has greatly improved})  that we have received snow in south Louisiana……unheard of!!!!!

IMG_5836 IMG_5837

Frank-o enjoyed the snow much more than last year!


Both boys seemed to be pretty doggone good at plummeting Mom and her camera with snowballs!!


And just like that…….”the white stuff” has already begun to dissipate.  Once again, this year, it was fun while it lasted!


07 February 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

T minus 3 hours and counting until the kickoff of Super Bowl XLIV…….

The Vaughn family of Who Dats looked the part this morning as we left for church and we joined a sanctuary chock full of black&gold fans.  We ended Mass by singing the closing hymn…… ”When the Saints Go Marching In”!


Best wishes to my dear MckCruise friends, Todd and Jenny, and for Louisiana boy, Peyton Manning, for a good game; but we continue to chant…..

“Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem

Saints?!  Who Dat?!  Who Dat?!”


06 February 2010

Saturday mornings of late

As you are reading this post, Frank-o and I are seated in the bleachers at their preschool watching this little man play basketball. 


He.  Loves.  It. 

These pictures were taken on the Saturday before I left for the cruise and, as luck would have it, our “coach” didn’t show for the game and Daddy Buck stepped up to the plate basket to fulfill the role!  And what a fine job he did!!  


Buck-a-roo tells me after the game as we were leaving the gym and after he had spent more time on his knees on the gym floor than on his feet running up the court that,  he had hurt his knees, in fact, his knees were indeed red and raw and that he “didn’t cry because he’s tough and he knows there’s NO CRYING IN SPORTS!”. 


And, exactly one month from today, this basketball star will turn 5 years old!! 

Oh.  My.  My. 

05 February 2010

Big Brother

IMG_5680 IMG_5682 IMG_5683

I know it’s a  bit difficult to tell from these pictures, but he’s actually trying to help his little brother. 

IMG_5685 IMG_5686 IMG_5687