19 April 2012

And we close the door

{in about four weeks}


on Frank-o’s Kindergarten school year.  Tonight was his End-of-the-Year program/Kindergarten graduation. 


If this post seems familiar…….same post, same occasion, same program, this time last year. 


Got the t-shirt! … in a different color …

It seems as though this’ll be our order of events for the next few years to come.


Slight role reversal on the proud brother scene…….


And the same two very proud parents!!

Coincidentally, Frank-o recited the very same last line of the program that Buck-a-roo recited in the microphone last year.  Frank-o told us that he requested that of his teacher (also Buck-a-roo’s Kindergarten teacher). 

Truth……maybe?  Special…..indeed!