25 April 2011

Movin’ on up…..

to the Eastside

to the 1st grade!

That’s right….this week the boys are out of school for Spring Break, they return following their break for 3 weeks, then school will let out for the summer and Buck-a-roo will officially be going to the 1st grade. 


Looks official, right?!!


In lieu of a cap&gown Kindergarten graduation, Buck-a-roo’s school opts for a casual EndoftheYear Program.  Buck-a-roo had a “speaking part” during the program that he practiced for weeks and nailed that night.


Or so I’m told!  You see when you are an excited parent, you’re so busy videoing the moment (like I was) or photographing the moment (like Dad was) that you miss the actual moment.  Which is exactly why I find myself stepping away from the camera and blog sometimes*

Ahhh, I digress……

He did a fantastic job!!

Before leaving home for the program, I had asked the boys to step outside for a quick picture because they looked so nice!


Buck-a-roo then decided that we needed a mini photoshoot with the entire family, so here you have it…..

…..the star of the night


…..the darling little brother of the star of the night


…..the winking/squinting father with his boys


…..the mother who doesn’t enjoy photographs of herself with her boys


*do note that I actually blogged from the computer with pictures taken with my BIG camera {read: not iphone pics} and then fully edited {note that my watermark still reads 2010 - oops!!}…..that hasn’t happened in quite some time


23 April 2011

Happy Easter

Today has been a terrific Holy Saturday......an Easter egg hunt with close friends, yardwork, sprinkler play, picturesque Springtime weather, milkshakes, time with grandparents, candy, more yardwork, more candy, the workings of a new outdoor project, fishing, suntanning, dyeing Easter eggs, and one last piece of candy.

The Easter bunny just HOPped by and now I go to bed {wink}.

Goodnight and Happy Easter from our family to yours.
:HE is Risen:


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21 April 2011

{school} Easter Egg Hunts

For Frank-O, eleven is the {new} ten!

YouTube Video

To Buck-a-roo, not {all} plastic treat-filled eggs are worthy of gracing his basket.

YouTube Video


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13 April 2011

It's a tad bit questionable

.....as to

just exactly

who was

walking who

on our





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09 April 2011

Every other year

We've spent our Saturday mornings for the past eight or so weeks running, kicking, hustling, scoring, cheering, blocking, dribbling.......playing soccer!

The season culminated today with their final game, end of the season party, and receiving the ever-so-important trophy!

So here's the thing....
Our boys are 15 months apart in age. Typically organized team sports are grouped in age groups of 2 years; therefore, generally speaking, every other year our boys can play together on the same team and every other year, Frank-o will not meet the age requirement thus he'll have to play on a different team {insert huge frown here}.

The ease of them playing on the same team is obvious and easy in so many ways; but the joy, fun, excitement that it offers is immeasurable!


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