28 August 2010

not to be left out

In all the hustle and bustle of the past two weeks; nearing the final completion of our home build, two weeks of Kindergarten for Buck-a-roo under out belt, two boys with soccer practice and soccer games on two separate teams; it seems that I failed to mention something.


Frank-o started PreK4!

And he’s doing really well.

He’s still the class clown, though he’s managed not to get in trouble once thus far and comes home everyday with his arms covered in stickers and stamps for good behavior declaring that he only suffered “little” timeouts throughout the day.


He adores his brother. He insists on dressing “handsome” everyday, hence the button down long sleeve shirt, sleeves rolled up because it’s 100* heat index in these parts still. He takes soccer seriously. He’s bad to the bone at home. He’s still the baby.


He’s smiles from ear to ear always and makes it a point that he’s not to be left out…..EVER!

14 August 2010

drawing to an end

though the temperatures most certainly do not reflect what I’m about to say


I’m afraid that summer is nearing it’s end


school begins full force this week, for one Kindergartener and one PreK4-er


our pool decreased their hours to weekends only until Labor Day when it will close it’s gates until next summer


the boys have begun their “fall” (ha!) soccer season


though we were a bit displaced, we’ve had a fun-filled, sun-filled fantastic summer


the upcoming season, if you will, holds a lot in store for us as we will move into our new home in approximately ONE MONTH


we also have two upcoming mini vacations before we let this summer fully slip away


I’m hesitant to say that autumn is around the corner seeing as it’s currently 91* with a heat index of 104* as I’m typing this post; but it is safe to say that


the days of summer are drawing to an end

13 August 2010

Hot Air Balloon Championships

We’ve had a busy week with the beginning of Kindergarten for Buck-a-roo and the start of the soccer for Frank-o.  Next week, these roles will reverse to provide another busy week with Frank-o starting PreK4 and Buck-a-roo’s soccer practices will begin. 


Needless to say, the blog is enduring a bit of neglect; but, I didn’t want this particular post to get away from me. 

Last weekend, we attended the Louisiana Hot Air Balloon Championships held in our hometown.  It was our second time to attend the competition……you can read the recount of our first time here.


It is a rainbow of colors in mass proportions, a spectacle like none other really!  The 40+ brightly colored balloons ascend into the sky and return just before dusk to assemble in the field for the balloon glow just after dark.


The balloons can be seen throughout town for the weekend from Friday to Sunday and it is always exciting to be driving down the road and spot them out your window just as Buck-a-roo and I did on our day together in preparation for his starting Kindergarten

The championships are always held the first weekend in August and anyone who knows anything about the weather of south Louisiana know that their are only two words that you could use to describe it and they both begin with the letter H……


Hot and Humid! 

And it was both of these to the Nth degree on this night. 

Nonetheless, we had fun!  We took in the sights, oohed and aahed at the colors, the glows, the flames, the fireworks, the parachuters, the inflation, the deflation, the friends, the fellowship! 


All well worth the beauty…..

12 August 2010

and away he goes to Kindergarten

what happened to this sweet 6month old?


                                    {late summer 2005}

what happened to this smiling 18month old?


                                    {late summer 2006}

what happened to this precious 2year old?


                         {late summer 2007}

what happened to this spirited 3year old?


                         {late summer 2008}

what happened to this handsome 4year old?


                         {late summer 2009}

He’s all grown up!  Or at least it seemed that way when my 5year old put on his uniform this morning for his 1st day of Kindergarten. 

His options are white polo or navy polo and today he chose…..white!!


This morning, Daddy Buck and I brought him to his old, if you will, daycare where he’ll have breakfast (before care)everyday with his brother before getting on the schoolbus to head to school. 



He climbed on the bus and took a seat and I, well…..

I kinda, mighta, maybe sorta lost it!


I had to quickly pull myself together because his fabulous bus driver insisted that each Kindergartener turn back around to their mothers for one last picture and wave.

He obliged…..

Nevermind that my camera lens was completely fogged over since the humidity was a mere 87% this morning!


I then hopped in my car and blazed a path to school ahead of the bus so I could intercept him getting off the bus and take him to his classroom. 

He was a bit more nervous exiting the bus with the swarms of over-enthusiastic, loud, rambunctious middle schoolers; but his contentment returned upon arriving to his homeroom. 


This where he found his hook for his packpack, identified his cubby for his school supplies, and took his seat and promptly began coloring his schoolwork that the teacher had laid out.


This Mom has been on the verge of tears all day, waiting on pins and needles for 3:00pm, and super proud of her eldest son today!