31 October 2008

Flashback Friday

Overalls for Fall!!
These pictures are from 2 years ago...Buck-a-roo (19 months) and Frank-o (4 months).
Just for kicks, here they are this week in overalls again!! Daddy Buck and I love, love, love the look of overalls...oh so boy-ish and cute!!

Your guess is as good as mine, as to why Buck-a-roo insists on having his eyes closed in pictures these days?!?
Oh, and Happy Halloween....trick-or-treating pictures will follow!!

30 October 2008

Fall Festival

LSU Football Player and LSU's mascot, Mike the Tiger

Yesterday we went to the Fall Festival at the boys' preschool. They got to wear their costumes and play carnival games and, of course, eat candy!!!

Here's the only proof that I have that Mike the Tiger actually wore his headpiece. He's not a huge fan of it...if you can get it on him and then he forgets about it, it's alright!!
These are our dear friends, B & B, from Savage Stories. They are twins that are Buck-a-roo's age dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf.

28 October 2008

"Say Cheese"

.....{like, oh, 400 times}
Here's a small sampling of our portraits from last week.

all pictures are copyrighted to Kimberly Meng Photography

27 October 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

Our family has had family portraits scheduled for over 3 months now. I DID NOT completely "freak out" when the forecast called for 60% chance of thunderstorms the day of our outdoor photo shoot for the first day yet this entire month. I then DID NOT immediately email our photographer like a crazy person (keep your opinions to yourself) and rant and rave to her about what should we do.

We did indeed have our portraits made on Thursday after changing sites from outdoors across town to indoors at the studio with a few pictures taken outdoors around the studio. This is out of my hands; but, it DID NOT not rain a single drop all day after calling for 70-80% chance of thunderstorms.

Buck-a-roo and Frank-o DID NOT "wet" an exorbitant number of beds this week, 10 to be exact. Allow me to note...this is wetting through pull-ups!! It's crazy!! I could not keep a hand on the regular laundry for having sheets, quilts, and mattress pads in the washer/dryer the entire week.

Daddy Buck and I DID NOT attend a Halloween costume party on Friday night dressed as a Hershey's Bar and a Hershey's (with nuts) Bar! {grin}

I DID NOT allow my three year old son to pick which pattern he liked the best for me to carve his pumpkin and he DID NOT proceed to pick a difficulty level of 3 on a scale of 0-4 and insist that it was his "favorite". I carved it and it turned out well. I DID NOT then, carve a pumpkin of polka dots for my 2 year old because I was more than done with pumpkin carving by this time, if you know what I mean. I DID NOT convince myself that simple polka dots were great for Frank-o because it was a pumpkin chock full of his favorite shape, circles!! It was my effort to make myself feel better for "jipping" him out of a real carving.

Frank-o DID NOT rip the dangling spider from Buck-a-roo's carved pumpkin, thus ruining the entire scene and the whole reason that Buck-a-roo was thrilled about his pumpkin in the first place. Buck-a-roo DID NOT commence to having a "running dog" meltdown after realizing what Frank-o had done and insist that I use my mystical mommy powers and "fix it" immediately {right}. That spider IS NOT what took me over 1 hour to carve just the night before.

I AM NOT anxiously awaiting on pins and needles the arrival of a new baby this week to complete and total blogging strangers. MCKMama's baby boy, Stellan, will be born Wednesday after a long, difficult, trying pregnancy that I have fervently followed for months now. BTW, she is the creator of the "Not Me!" Monday meme that I participate in every week.

26 October 2008

a lazy, restful, uneventful weekend...I THINK NOT!!

**UPDATE: The mystery pumpkin is a vampire sucking on a woman's neck. Kudos to Kristan at Cover Family Chaos for the correct guess.

Alternately titled: Let's see how many planned events we can cram into a weekend!!

Friday night, Daddy Buck and I went to a Halloween costume party hosted by our friends at Monistere Maddness. Buck-a-roo and Frank-o had a babysitter and they were thrilled about that {sniff, sniff}.

We went the homemade costume route. What can you make from these items (four brown bath towels, heavy duty aluminum foil, safety pins):

{drumroll please}

Here's the final product. Not exactly figure-flattering!!

Saturday morning, the boys had a birthday party for their close friend from across the street. The party was a pirate-themed party at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum. It was a terrific birthday party!!

Check out his birthday cake -- YUMMO!!

My MIL picked the boys up from the birthday party so I could meet my girlfriends for the LSU football game. The only good thing I can say about the game is that I was in good company. Let's not speak of how my team got stomped on by the Bulldogs from Georgia. It was a beautiful day for football in Tiger Stadium.

My friends from work and myself watching LSU try to pull it out in Death Valley.

College Football Did You Know: When the guy in the red cap is on the field during the game, the television broadcast of the game is taking a commercial break. Play resumes when the televised commercial is over and Mr. Red Cap returns to the sidelines. You learn something new everyday.

Saturday night, we went across the street to the neighbors house for grilled hamburgers, sausage, hot dogs and the annual pumpkin carving.

Buck-a-roo was really into pumpkin carving this year and immediately chose his pattern for his pumpkin for ME to carve. Not too difficult, not too simple either He fell in love with it because of the "hanging-upside-down spider". The very dangling, "hanging-upside-down" spider that Frank-o ripped off this afternoon.

After spending 1 hour carving Buck-a-roo's masterpiece, here's the less difficult, less intricate complexity super-creative masterpiece that I carved for Frank-o.

He's the only kid with a 360 degree pumpkin design!!

75 "Vaughn Family Chaos Bonus Points" for the first person to comment with the correct description of this pumpkin's carving:

Today (Sunday) we went to our neighborhood fall festival. Playground fun, games, chili-cheese nachos, and candy!!

We do not know this child...I just thought he was far too cute not to photograph.

Just before heading indoors this evening for baths and bedtime...this flew overhead.

The man flying this ultra-light airplane actually gave my kids a "Dukes of Hazard" toot of the horn as they waved to him!!

In store this week: Trick-or-Treat Trail at my hospital on Monday, Fall Festival at school on Wednesday, ENT appointment for Buck-a-roo on Friday, Trick-or-Treating on Friday night, LSU vs. Tulane on Saturday

We had another excellent, exhilarating, exhausting Fall weekend!!

G'nite zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

24 October 2008

Pumpkin Fluff

We have two Halloween-themed parties to attend this weekend and here's what I will be bringing to both of them.

It's called Pumpkin Fluff. I have heard great feedback about the recipe; though, if you know me well you know that I will not be eating it seeing as it contains pumpkin pie spices. I actually got the idea from my newfound internet blogging friend at The Cover Family Chaos.

Here's the recipe (keep in mind, I'm not much on measurements):

1 can pumpkin

1 box french vanilla instant pudding mix

1 container Cool Whip

pumpkin pie spice to taste

vanilla extract to taste

*I "spiked" mine with some Amaretto Liqueur (which, it my opinion, makes everything tastier)

I will be serving the sweet dip with cinnamon graham cracker sticks and Nilla wafer cookies, hence the two other containers on the serving tray.


Flashback Friday

These pictures are from last year at this time...when in southern Louisiana, it begins to be cool in the mornings and evenings.

Buck-a-roo and Frank-o loved these tracksuits last year; they love anything with hoods.

I must say, I love that we know longer have pacifiers in this house! WooHoo!!

20 October 2008

Pork Chop anyone??

As promised....
here's the "prized kill" from Daddy Buck's weekend hunt!!

"Not Me!" Monday

My 3 1/2 year old son DID NOT come home from preschool one afternoon this week and give me a lesson in boy/girl anatomy.

I DID NOT let Buck-a-roo and Frank-o sleep in bed with me on Saturday night because Daddy Buck was out of town hunting and I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to staying by myself. Like, what exactly, were my 2 & 3 year old sons going to do to help if needed??

I DID NOT set the house alarm off this morning and send myself and my boys into a "spook"! Mind you, it was 0800am and bright, gorgeous, sunshine outside. Daddy Buck typically dismantles the alarm in the morning and remember, he was gone hunting. I was only trying to open the windows to get some fresh air into the house on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Daddy Buck DID NOT go deer and dove hunting this weekend and killed neither of the two...he killed a 150+ pound sal (hog) instead for his 1st kill!

I AM NOT obsessed with taking pictures of my children and DID NOT take 100+ plus pictures of them this weekend :~)

And, since I took 100+ pictures this weekend, I AM NOT/HAVE NOT spent the last 1 1/2, while my boys (all 3 of them) are sleeping on this Sunday night, downloading photos, cropping/editing photos, emailing photos, and blogging!!