23 February 2011

Wordless Wednesday

(C, Papa C {my dad}, H)

(C, Mikey Mahtook {LSU centerfielder}, H)


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20 February 2011

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I have spoke in the past about our love for LSU baseball, in a very similar post this time last year.

We are season ticket holders and this weekend was opening weekend!

And it proved to be a great one.....

.....peanuts, cotton candy, first sunburns of the season, first clean sweep weekend of the season, and the first "kids' running of the bases" of the season (as you'll see in the video below)!

YouTube Video

(they're the 1st & 3rd runners in the video, both wearing white tshirts)

We had an uber busy jam-packed full-o-fun weekend. We have to go back to work and school to get some rest!!

{It is becoming ever-so-apparent to me that this blog is going mobile!!! The way I see it, better mobile than extinct!}


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14 February 2011

Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a great Monday too!

Signed, VaughnMom

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13 February 2011

After church today....

....we made the most of the temperatures in the 60s and the abundance of sunshine

by visiting a {new*} nearby park!

Running, jumping, tagging, hiding, sliding, speaking loudly......letting loose after a well-behaved hour at church.

*new, meaning the caution tape was still intact and the construction dumpster remains on the premises; we weren't the first family there!

Signed, VaughnMom

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12 February 2011

By the light of a fire

He'll soon be 6 years old!
He was named appropriately; he's a little Daddy Buck in training, hence his love of all things outdoors! All "work" outside brings him great joy!

Tonight he enjoyed a fire on our back patio {that *I* built for him} all by his lonesome. Well he and his dog!

camouflage: baseball caps: flip flops: tender heart: outdoorsman: sports player: excellent student: brother: sleeper: snacker.....all things that make up Buck-a-roo!

{I took these pictures from indoor with my cell phone through the glass, hence the reflections of inside......kinda cool}

signed, VaughnMom

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05 February 2011

the Whistler

Look who has recently learned how to whistle and takes the saying "whistle while you work" to a whole new level!

YouTube Video

He whistles while he draws, bathes, eats (if that's possible), Wiis, plays, cleans, dresses.....you get the jist!

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