12 July 2011

beach trip #3 for me……


The boys and I returned yesterday from a spontaneous weekend getaway to the beach……


{this shot took about four takes and if you pay close attention you’ll notice that I got “PUNK’D” by my 6yo son as they were all supposed to jump on the count of three, yet he had *no* intentions of jumping as evidenced by his thrusting of his friends forward and his remaining atop the pool deck after the other five bodies splashed into the water}

the “special” circumstances surrounding this trip combined with the company of these six kiddos made for an extended weekend chock full ‘o fun in the sun!


My camera did suffer some misfortune along the way and will be taking a trip to the camera shop for repair ASAP! 

Therefore, all the pics you’ll see are iPhone snapshots.  I am a sucker for the overprocessed appeal of the Hipstamatic shot, so here’s the recap of our beach-pool, splish-splashing, swimming, jumping, sliding, wading, kick-boarding, cannon-balling weekend!



IMG_3180  IMG_3177IMG_3179  IMG_3181   IMG_3234

This last shot, though not taken with the Hipstamatic app, turned out super cool.  I took it in HDR setting on my iPhone and it appears that because it was an action shot, the series of images were transposed on themselves on the way down thus producing a somewhat transparent effect.  Accidental, but neat nonetheless!!


Yes, this makes beach trip #3 for me this summer and I’m shooting for a record 4 in one summer!!

When in a pinch, the iPhone4 camera certainly fills in nicely……