17 March 2012


Happy St Patrick's Day!

We celebrated with a Saturday morning of soccer....


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06 March 2012

6 + 1 = 7

I snuck into his room after he was fast asleep and flew balloons by his doorway

H-A-R-L-E-Y (6) + '#7' (1) = 7 {surprise} balloons to wake up to!

He was so excited!! As is his excitement for his upcoming indoor swimming birthday party this weekend!

Happy 7th Birthday to our

For our memory:
69 pounds, tall
Baseball player
Basketball player
Soccer player
1st grader
Religion student
Pizza lover {STILL!}
Great at math
Outdoor lover
Cares about Mom's patients
Adores shooting BB guns and bow&arrow with Dad
Desires to fish in "his" lake nonstop
Snacks and sweets sneaker


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04 March 2012

Let's Rock n Roll

Another big {running} weekend for the Vaughn Family is coming to an end .....

We spent the weekend in New Orleans for the Rock n Roll Marathon!

The fun began on Saturday when the boys ran the ING Kids Rock 1-mile Run!

They had a blast! It was my first time to race with them, so I had fun too! Buck-a-roo pulled ahead of Frank-o and I but we (all three) finished strong!

Today was Daddy Buck's race..... the Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon. It was his second half marathon. And, by far, his biggest race; participant wise, with 22,000 runners!!

He finished at 1:52:25, a personal record for half marathon!
It was my first time spectating, as opposed to running; therefore, it was my first time to actually see Daddy Buck run and finish.......very special!

Another weekend of family running.......we rocked n rolled!


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