16 August 2008

David St. Romain "GROUP-EE"

Jack's dealership had a party premiering the new Ford Flex vehicle last night. David St. Romain (a local country music star that became well-known when he placed 3rd on Nashville Star two seasons ago) played at the event. I happen to be a huge fan of his and not only enjoyed his concert at the dealership event; being the "group-ee" that I am, Jack and I also went for drinks with he, his parents, and the band following the event at the dealership.

This is the all new for '09 Ford Flex

These are pictures of DSR singing (these pictures aren't great, because it was at dusk under a covered area at the dealership)

While I claim to be David's biggest fan, Mrs. Denise (the comptroller of Jack's dealership) claims to be his "oldest" fan!!

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