31 August 2008

Hurricane Gustav-last ditch effort preparations

We have taped, sand-bagged, charged, iced, moved, hauled, secured, stored, decided, prepared, bathed, washed, gased, and bought everything that we can think of...now 12 hours, $500.00, countless decisions, blisters, sweat, and tears later...we are exhausted mentally and physically. It is now 9:30pm Sunday night--the wind and rain have begun and our parish is currently under a TORNADO WATCH. Here we go......

Jack secured the swings on the swingset

Generator is in place by the living room window where we will place the window unit A/C when the time comes

I taped all the windows across the front of the house; I believe this is more for peace of mind that actual benefit, but we'll see

As I taped the windows, Harley taped his bicycle in preparation for "Hurricame Gustop"

Please keep us in your prayers in the upcoming hours and days to come...


LeAndMatt said...

Hope ya'll made it through the storm. I can't get in touch with anyone down there.

You are in our thoughts and prayers!

The Torres Family

Trish said...

Been awhile since you posted girl....everything okay?