28 August 2008

Hurricane stock-up or not--No stock left!!

It's Thursday, August 28 @ 1030...hurricane forecast to make landfall at the earliest Tuesday, September 02 around 0200...according to my calculations, that is appriximately 4 1/2 days from now...think you are beating everyone to the bullet if you go to Wal-Mart this morning before the weekend crowd....THINK AGAIN!!

Water Aisle

Canned Tuna/Chicken Shelves

Canned Soup Display

Peanut Butter Shelves

Bagged Sugar Shelves

Pop-Tart Shelves (I thought I was the only person that would think of Pop-Tarts as a hurricane necessity, guess not!)

And, batteries, flashlights, candles........hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

1 comment:

Trish said...

Let us know if we need to send you a care package of Tuna (you hate Tuna!) and Pop-Tarts. Hahahahaha.