12 September 2008

Going incognito...

I am currently undertaking the huge task of changing our blog from our "real life" identities to our "blog" identities. For safety reasons, I pondered the idea in the first few postings of our blog to go anonymous with our identities and naively did not. After blogging for almost three months and closely monitoring the traffic flow on our blog, I have changed my mind.

I enjoy blogging and hope that our friends and family enjoy keeping up with our daily lives in this format. On the sidebar, check out the live traffic feed or the map that shows the locations of everyone that has browsed this blog. Obviously, we do not have aquaintances in Seoul, Korea or Sao Paulo, Brazil, I don't think?!? I would like to believe that ALL people browsing our blog are GOOD and are here for the RIGHT reasons. That MAY not be the case; therefore, we will now be known by our new "blog" identities. Those of you that have a personal relationship with our family will understand the identity/nickname, if you will, selections and will appreciate the humor in them.

I have not decided if I will be able to go back from this point to completely erase our "real" identities from the blog or whether our identities will be incognito from this point forward. It is quite an undertaking, even for a rather young (3 month old) blog.

The all-new Vaughn Family: Daddy Buck, Princess, Buck-a-roo, Frank-0

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