24 September 2008

Look!! They CAN get along and play together like brothers should.....

for a brief moment that is!!

The question is: How many two/four wheeled toddler toys can one toddler "hook" together to make a "super-duper, even cooler toddler machine".

Today, Buck-a-roo, the preschool engineer, succeeded at three (the scooter, the ride-on motorcycle, and the wagon). Look closely at the grainy, cell phone pic below and see that (without any assistance) he has the arm of the scooter through the handle of the wagon and he is sitting on the handle of the wagon to attach it to the motorcycle that he rides on. Whoa!! Then, he proceeded to coax his little brother to naively hop in and take a ride in his "machine". Crazy kid!! All the while I was taking pictures unbeknownst to them with my cell phone, once again; it's all I had handy.

The joyful bliss of two loving brothers playing amongst themselves came and went in the time it took me to snap these five pictures. I promptly had to drop the phone, computer, and my bottle of water to go break up a toddler fist fight!!

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