26 September 2008

Out of the mouths...(caution, this language could become offensive to some)

On the way home from picking the boys up from school, Buck-a-roo became perturbed at me (what else is new?) for whatever reason and here's the conversation that was exchanged between the two of us:

Buck-a-roo: "Mommy, if you don't be nice to me....I'm gonna call you hamsome like a BOY!" {Whoa! Low blow son}

Me: {Crazy me, I decided to play along for a minute} "Well, if aren't nice to me....I'm gonna call you pretty like a GIRL!" {Whoa! Low blow mom}

**Buck-a-roo always has to have the last word; not sure where he gets that from**

Buck-a-roo: "Well them, I'm gonna call you a WITCH!"

Me: {WHAT?? OK, he must have Halloween on the mind, right? I'll go along with that...} "Well, then you look like a GHOST!"

Just in case you're keeping score, I think it is:
Buck-a-roo ~ 2
Mommy ~ 2
But, no, we're not done yet!!!

Buck-a-roo: "Mom, you look like a dirty horse (rhymes with 'floor')"

Me: {eh, um} "So, Buck-a-roo, what did you have for lunch at school today?"

Just in case you're STILL keeping score:
Buck-a-roo ~ TKO

1 comment:

Trish said...

Getting dangerously close to breaking out the bar of soap or as I recall with your brother, the Tabasco sauce. Hahahaha.