11 September 2008

Sinking and Dancing

Check out the sinkhole today!! I swear Osama Bin Laden could be calling this his new hide-away--it is sooo freakin' B-I-G. The cone, sawhorses, and caution tape were placed around the area by myself and my neighbors in an effort to keep the children safe. Note the paint present on the grass now as Louisiana One Call was called-in to locate all utilities in preparation for DIGGING. I spoke to the parish councilman today and he proceeded to inform warn me that his crews would be here Monday and begin the excavation to "locate" the problem and that it could require digging up a large portion, if not most all of my front yard and he would do his best to salvage the sod to be replaced after the work is complete. "It's been a real pleasure speaking to you today, Mr. Councilman. Have a great weekend and I so look forward to seeing you on Monday. Bye now!!"

Though many of you may not enjoy the music selections that are in our music player attached to this blog...rest assured that Buck-a-roo and Frank-o do!! Buck-a-roo calls it the "Pu-puter Moosic" and loves for me to BLAST it when we get home from school and they are supposed to be eating their dinner which is exactly the scene for the videos below. I will be the first to admit that there are most probably many more age-appropriate songs they could be "getting down to" but, oh well. Also note in the video that it is a rap song in the background, but that Buck-a-roo is playing the rock-n-roll "air guitar". Momentarily, scroll to the bottom of the screen and pause the music player so you can here the video clips.

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The Monistere's said...

I love the dancing and air guitar! To cute!