16 September 2008

What's left....

of the sinkhole??

Let the picture do the talking...

The LPC (Livingston Parish Council) workers found the "leak" in the drain, patched it, filled the hole and re-sodded smoothed the dirt over the hole.


of my dad's fishing camp following Hurricane Ike??

Thanks for asking...its seems as the camp stands virtually unscathed from Hurricane Ike. It stands high & dry!!! He has not actually traveled there yet; this is the "word" that he received from locals and hopefully will be the case when he is able to make his way down there.


of summer??

Judging by the temperature outside today, maybe no more 90+ degrees days. I am lovin' these temperatures....if I am not mistaken our high for today was 82 degrees. Are you kidding me?? If these temperatures continue for 5+ days, I'll be ready to plant mums and arrange pumpkins by the front door ;~)

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LeAndMatt said...

The farmers market put out their pumpkins, mums, and scarecrows today on Old Fannin! I laughed when I read your post because I could so see you whipping in at the site of those big orange pumpkins, loading up and smiling the biggest smile on the way home!

miss ya!