02 October 2008

Happy Birthday to ME (Mii) !!!

YES...my birthday isn't until December
YES...I have a terrific husband that buys terrific birthday gifts and is completely, entirely, whole-heartedly UNABLE to wait until the actual day of celebration, i.e. Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, etc..., to actually gift gifts
YES...Daddy Buck gave me a Wii on Tuesday night for my birthday (did I mention that my birthday is 3+ months away)
YES...Daddy Buck and I have played above said Wii for 2+ hours for the past 2 nights and are quickly becoming Wii-addicts

Thank you, Daddy Buck, for my terrific birthday gift....wonder what I'll get on my birthday?!?


Trish said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you! I would like to know where Daddy Buck put his hands on a Wii? I've been looking for one for months up here and there are none to be had.

LeAndMatt said...

Welcome to the addictive world of WII! I got Matt one last year for our anniversary and we have added Super Mario Cart (total fun!) and the Wii Fit Board - trust me a total workout for the abs!

Happy Early Birthday!