06 October 2008

Nothing went as planned...

If you read my "Not Me!" Monday post, then you have already heard that we here at the Vaughn household have many plans for the month of October and this past weekend kicked it all off. As I have hinted with the title of this post....nothing happened this past weekend the way that it was initially planned. The contents of the entire post to follow could be copied & pasted into a "Not Me!" Monday post....that's how NOT well it went.

The original plans for the weekend included a birthday party on Saturday for one of Buck-a-roo's classmates and the four of us were to attend the Angola Prison Rodeo on Sunday. Sounds simple, right???

The birthday party was a costume party. I got the boys dressed in their costumes.

**********By the way, have I announced what they will be for Halloween this year?? Drumroll please.....Buck-a-roo will be an LSU Football Player and Frank-o will be LSU's Mike the Tiger**********

So, where was I.....getting dressed in costumes and I was going to take the boys picture in front of the fall display in our front yard for our Halloween cards to be mailed to friends/family. The staging of the photo shoot didn't go so well. Let's just say that Frank-o wasn't digging Mike the Tiger and had no intentions of actually looking at the camera. Could it possibly have something to do with the fact that we live in the deep South and it is entirely too hot for any Halloween costumes!! Remember, the costumes were for a birthday party in the first place; so we headed out to the party, only to arrive at the home of the birthday boy ONE DAY EARLY. Yea, that's right!! The party was for Sunday, NOT Saturday. Thank goodness, the mother of the little boy was so understanding and inviting. She allowed our boys to all play together for about an hour and open our birthday present. Buck-a-roo has no clue and truly believes that he and the little boy had a private party for the three of them.

Next change of plans.....late in the week, my dad called and invited Daddy Buck and Buck-a-roo to come to the fishing camp late Saturday and go fishing on Sunday. Remember, the four of us had tickets to the rodeo on Sunday. I invited my neighbor and her son to go to the rodeo with Frank-O and I and Daddy Buck and Buck-a-roo left after Daddy Buck got off of work on Saturday to head to Cameron Parish, LA to the fishing camp. Upon arriving at the camp, Buck-a-roo refused to eat dinner and called me hysterically crying saying that he needed to come home. Hmmmmmm!!! That's interesting. 6:00AM Sunday morning, I receive a text message from Daddy Buck stating that Buck-a-roo had vomited somewhere between 8-10 times throught he night and he was washing sheets for 2 beds. They did go for a boat ride (short and sweet) and Buck-a-roo was ready to come home--no fishing!! Buck-a-roo stayed home with me today for a day of receovery from his ?stomach virus?; but, trust me when I tell you he could have gone to school because he was WELL!!

As Daddy Buck and Buck-a-roo were driving home from the camp, my neighbor and I took Frank-O and her son to the Angola State Prison Rodeo. Our original friends that were to show us the way to the rodeo accompany us to the rodeo had to cancel at the last minute. Ahem...we got lost and doubled the driving time on the way there. The rodeo at the maximum-security, state penitentiary was a blast!! The most un-orthodox rodeo event that I have ever seen. It seems as though, if you are in prison for life....there isn't much you WON'T do. There aren't any pictures from the rodeo event because cameras and cell phones weren't allowed. The pictures that I did take were taken on the outside of the prison at our car before we entered.

Let me sum it up for you---took boys to the birthday party on the wrong day, 2/4 of us went to the rodeo without our original accompanying friends, got lost on the way to the rodeo, Buck-a-roo didn't get to go fishing and was sick the entire time, and my day off from work today to recover from the weekend and do household chores was spent hanging out with Buck-a-roo (that's a good thing though!!). The weekend of re-arranged plans turned out great!! I rolled-with-the-punches surprisingly well!!

I will show you the finished product of the photo shoot....our Halloween card(s)...closer to Halloween!! They're (the boys) cute in photos even if they weren't cooperative!

I will leave you with an "Out of the Mouths" from Buck-a-roo:
{on our way home from Wal-Mart today; there was a Garth Brooks song on the radio}
Buck-a-roo: "Mommy, is this Daddy singing on the radio?"
Me: "Um...Ahem....Well, NO!"

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The Monistere's said...

I love the link to the original friends that sold you out! I really wish we all could have gone! Next time I am going to trust my instincts and not try to do something like that on the day after a wedding reception. And If we had still been planning on meeting at 830 I promise I wouldnt have got so "you know" and we would have been there. But I figured I had a few extra hours and I would be fine. But I guess that is what you get for thinking when you are "you Know" LOL! I love the pics of them in the costumes! I cant wait to get a pic of my "Mike the Tiger". And there is still Boo at the Zoo for us to get them together!