15 October 2008

Wordless Wednesday

{This is WW with an added touch of comic relief at the expense of the male persuasion in this household. No explanations for any pictures; but, feel free to comment with your own captions/titles for these pictures. hahahahahaha!!}

(*cell phone pics)





Trish said...

Who knew Jack could dance....that is what he was attempting to do, right? Hahahahaha. And Cody's gonna put his eye out with that thing......I distinctly remember you losing lashes at one point thought you would have learned your lesson.

Kristan said...

Hi! Thanks for reading/commenting on my blog!! I would serve graham crackers with it, cinnamon, or chocolate!!! My hubby was just down your way doing some flood relief work in Houma!! And I'm sorry LSU got slautered..haha yeah right..Go BUCKEYES!!(Even though they slaughtered us!!) I like your blog and I will def. be back to read more!!