21 November 2008

Tigers nearing the end, Thanksgiving almost here, Christmas will be here soon

Our LSU Tigers play their last home game tomorrow against the Rebels from Ole Miss. GEAUX Tigers!!!

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and boy, how I do enjoy the holiday season. Once again, we will host Thanksgiving dinner at our house complete with a fried turkey. In an effort to get a jumpstart, I set the dinner table for our Thanksgiving meal today (the four of us eat daily at the bar in the kitchen) and I thought I would share it here and now (who says paper plates can't replace fine china for holiday gatherings).

Speaking of Thanksgiving meals, Buck-a-roo had his Thanksgiving feast at school today. I wonder where we get the concept of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, cranberries.....in the minds of preschoolers, the pilgrims and indians feasted on chicken strips, macaroni and cheese, and sugar cookies with turkey icing, which is exactly what we did today!!

And, speaking of jumpstarts....I am most certain you have noticed my impatience by now. I couldn't wait another day to reconstruct my blog and put everyone in the holiday spirit. As far as Buck-a-roo was concerned, Thanksgiving was today!! And, as far as I am concerned....bring on the holiday season!!!

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Kristan said...

love the new layout! I have issues transferring the old blog stuff to the new layout...and help??