16 November 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

My parents came in town for the weekend....that means we had a weekend chock full of climbing on, beating up, hitting wrestling with Papa Cody. They also had tons of fun playing "made up" games with my dad. Why is it that I spend endless amounts of $$$$$$ on toys, bikes, puzzles, crayons, play-doh, etc... and my dad, with little effort, whips out two pieces of rope from the back of his truck or plays his "Which Hand" game where he hides Kleenex in his hands and they guess which hand the Kleenex is hidden in and it's the best two games/toys on the face of the earth!!! Ultimately, it's because he's Papa Cody!!

Buck-a-roo also provided our Saturday evening entertainment....he really enjoys for me to put the TV on the country music digital channel and he dances/sings his heart out (TV remote control microphone and all). The picture below is his grand finale!!

Might I also note that it was a hard-fought, UGLY win; but, a win nonetheless, for the LSU Tigers on Saturday night.

On Sunday, we had a birthday party for our neighbor, Drew. It was a bowling party and the boys had a blast. Daddy Buck and I were so jealous that the kids got to bowl, that we took time out of our vacation day this afternoon and went bowling. We had a blast too!! I believe that bowling will be our new rainy day, winter time, indoor family activity!!

Finally, on Sunday evening we went to Daddy Buck's sister's house for a family get-together, including Daddy Buck's uncle/aunt that traveled way down here to the deep South all the way from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It was an evening of family, fun, hamburger/hot dogs, bicycles, and scooters.

Daddy Buck and I are both off on Monday and Tuesday....hopefully I will post about our two fun-filled days later in the week!! On tap....Christmas shopping, bowling (as I already mentioned), breakfast/lunch dates, mid-afternoon naps, and a trip to New Orleans!!!

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Trish said...

Talk about playing favorites.....I NEVER see pictures of Mawmaw.....just Papa Cody.