27 November 2008

what are we THANKful for...

Daddy Buck and Princess are THANKful the for privelege to live and raise our children with the many freedoms afforded to us in this great country; the men/woman that fight unselfishly for those freedoms on a daily basis; two miracle children that we are able to watch grow, laugh, talk, and cry everyday; for a successful career in what is currently a struggling industry and a rewarding career in what is a sometimes an emotionally trying field; for the necessities and luxuries that these careers provide for our family; a terrific extended family that our boys are able to experience on a regular basis; and for God that has provided all of this for us.

Buck-a-roo is THANKFUL for his little brother; anything chocolate, i.e. Oreos, chocolate milk, Hershey's kisses; Popeye's Fried Chicken; his two closest friends, Jack and Drew; his namesakes and all his family

Frank-o is THANKful for his older brother; long locks of hair to run his fingers through; stuffed animals galore; his many blankets/"covers"; soymilk; pizza; his namesakes and all his family

We are blessed!!

Now for a little fun....take this Thanksgiving Quiz and test your turkey history. I scored 6.

Happy THANKSgiving! JLHC Vaughn

I will finish my THANKSgiving post today with a video clip (compiled by my dear co-worker, Felipe) that depicts just how blessed our family is....

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