31 December 2008 New Year!!!!!!!!!!

If you have been following my blog and my recent requests for your prayers...here's an update:
Baby Stellan (MCKMama's son) has been transferred out of the PICU and weaned off of his oxygen. It seems that he has turned the corner and is well on his way to a full recovery.
My neighbor, Jocelyn's, mother underwent a successful 4+ hour neurosurgery to clip an aneurysm in her brain. She remains stable and responsive at this point. Thanks for your prayers and concern.

Now that the update is out of the way--let's get to the New Year's Eve post.....

This picture exemplifies the true feelings of my children toward fireworks.

Not huge fans, though they did warm up somewhat...to sparklers only!!

Happy New Year! Best wishes from our family to you and yours for a blessed, safe, prosperous 2009.

"Enough Mudder, no more pictures until next year"

L-S-U Way to geaux, TIGERS, way to geaux!! L-S-U


Tiffany said...

Happy New Year to you, too! Did you mention you were a fan of LSU or something? :)

Hope 2009 is very good to the Vaughns!

Any update on Jocyln's mother yet?

Tiff in Washington...for now

Kristan said...

Happy New Year!!