05 December 2008

Flashback Friday

So, each year the hospital where I work is a corporate sponsor of Santa Claus at our local mall; therefore, we, the employees, are offered an exclusive ticket-only "Breakfast with Santa Claus" on Saturday morning in late November/early December.

We went last year and I took my SIL and her children with us....

This was the look on Buck-a-roo's face the entire time. He was not a huge fan of the reindeer, Santa Claus, the men/women on stilts, the facepainters..... or the entire morning if you really wanna know the truth of the matter!!
Frank-o was mesmerized by the balloon the entire morning and rode in his stroller like a complete angel...not really thinking that will be the case for him this year.
We are going again this tomorrow morning and I am hoping this year is less traumatic for Buck-a-roo and that I get half the cooperation out of Frank-o that I received last year.

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