11 December 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow....

Surgeries were off for today....and the snow was falling this morning!!

The weatherman had spoke of a wintry mix last night, but I don't imagine anyone could have forecasted what we awoke to this morning. I was asleep with Buck-a-roo in his bed and half-heard Daddy Buck mention to Frank-o in a whisper that it was snowing outside and my feet hit the floor quicker than a child on Christmas morning.

I quickly woke Buck-a-roo and we bundled up to head outside before daylight even broke. Frank-o stayed indoors for the time being, seeing as he was still struggling with his breathing.

We then loaded up in the car to head to town to see the "white" sights, eat breakfast, and take Frank-o by the pediatrician's office for a follow-up appointment. By the way, the cool, crisp air seems to be good for Frank-o's breathing. He has two doses of steoids now in his system and the pediatrician seems to believe the worst is behind us and we scathed pneumonia this time.

Without more than a tabletop measurement, I would venture to say that we had 5-6inches of snow to stick to the ground at one time.

Though, I was not excellent at building a snowman, we went in search of snowmen in our neighborhood and there was several to be seen.

We were without power for approximately 3 hours while we were gone to town and might I say that when we returned, it was COLD!! It doesn't take long without heat for your house to turn cold! We have our gas fireplace burning and the boys are now napping.

What an excellent addition to our holiday season for our boys to see snow and with such accumulation. It is a beautiful sight....what snow does the the landscape, foliage, rooftops, and people is magnificent.

The snow is gone now...it was fun while it lasted!!

Go New Orleans Saints tonight!!

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Trish said...

UNBELIEVABLE! I am hoping we will have some snow of our own this winter.