30 December 2008

like father, like son! like mother, like son?

Buck-a-roo is the spitting image of his dad...from his eating habits, demeanor, likes/dislikes, and as of today, haircut!! He hopped into the barbers chair this afternoon and said, "Mr. Jerry, shave it like my dad's!"

And there you have it. That's as close to shaved as I will allow a 3 y/o's hair to be. {Gotta love the red & green Christmas candy choker}

This kid, on the other hand, is much more like me....eats anything that doesn't eat him first and would sport long locks of hair to run his fingers through, if only his dad (fine by me) would approve.

**please note the fact that Buck-a-roo is using a knife and a fork to cut his waffle all by himself. he was most proud and insisted that I photograph his efforts. please do not note that fact that my child is eating a waffle (or having a little waffle with his massive amounts of syrup) for dinner

I will leave you tonight with an "Out of the Mouths" courtesy of Frank-o...
Following dinner (bar-be-qued sausage and Pringles for Frank-o, if you must know), Buck-a-roo and Frank-o were wrestling, a little too much post-eating. Frank-o apparently belched/hiccupped/vomited? in his mouth (I know that's gross, right) and said "Mom, I tooted in my mouth!" That kid, that kid!!

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Kristan said...

That is hilarious!! They are the cutest boys!! You'll be beatin the girls off soon enough!