08 December 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

I DID NOT take my boys to our downtown festival of lights on Friday night to go ice skating and upon arriving and seeing the incredibly long lines and realizing how difficult it was going to be for me to attempt to ice skate with two boys by myself and noting the poor creation of an ice rink that we were to attempt to be first-time ice skaters on, I DID NOT tell Buck-a-roo that you had to be (6) to enter the rink. I WOULD NEVER fabricate and pass off on to my child a lie in an effort to get my child off my back.

I DID NOT wake up feeling that my pajamas were damp this morning only to realize that in fact they weren't damp, they were soaked with urine. That could NEVER happen, a.) because my children WOULD NEVER sleep in the bed with me and b.) because my children certainly DO NOT drink enough milk just prior to bedtime that Frank-o would soak completely through a nighttime pull-up.

I AM NOT experiencing increased anxiety regarding my boys' upcoming surgeries on Thursday. For heaven sakes... I am a pediatric critical care nurse and should be able to control my nerves regarding medical procedures. I am completely prepared, I have prepared the boys age-appropriately, I have put in my requests for anethesia personnel that I know.....why on earth am I so nervous?? It COULD NOT possibly that it's because it's my children and everything is different when it's your own!!!


Amy said...

Wait--what surgeries are they having? This Thursday? Does this mean no program and/or party for you?

Amy said...

Oops...nevermind previous comment...just realized program/party is NEXT Thursday. But still...what surgeries?