22 December 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

While cleaning out the boys' toy boxes earlier in the week in preparation for the overabundance of toys they will soon receive, I DID NOT find two pacifiers under Buck-a-roo's bed that belonged to Frank-o when he used to take a pacifier over 6 months ago. Certainly I clean under the beds more frequently than once every six months.

I DID NOT freak out this week when I checked my BlogFrog of friends (right sidebar) and realized that MCKMama had visited my wee-little blog two times in twelve hours and then again the next day. WooHoo!!

Earlier in the week, I DID NOT catch myself cutting up sausage from the grill for myself into tiny, toddler-sized bites. It was still tasty, nevermind the fact that I had put three bites on my fork at once.

I AM NOT still one gift shy of completion for Christmas 2008 as of December 21. This is NOT like me people!!

This past weekend DID NOT consist of two work-related Christmas parties for Daddy Buck and I, two preschool Christmas parties for Buck-a-roo and Frank-o, one preschool Christmas program, a family Christmas get-together, and a neighborhood friends Christmas gift exchange with dinner -- Whoa! I'm tired! 'Tis the season!

1 comment:

Following Him said...

Love your list...I did not vow, yes vow, to go to bed before 1AM tonight!
Happy Monday and Merry Christmas!