29 December 2008

unsupervised bathtime fun

Per MCKMama's blessing, "Not Me! Monday" is on Christmas break this week.

BUT, if I was participating this week, these pictures certainly would have made the list. Because, I definitley DO NOT leave my boys unsupervised long enough in the bathtub for this chaos to take place. Thank heavens the crazy, colored, foam, soapy, stuff that my MIL gave them in their stockings for Christmas is tear-free!!


Tiffany said...

I love the bathtime antics of boys! So fun! We have two young boys also and it's always a hoot! Popped over from your comment left on Jack and Mandy. We're also praying for Stellan..I jumped online tonight before bed to check for an update....and hours later, still on! :) Stop by our blog for a visit! You're more than welcome to do a Favorite Things Friday, even if it isn't Friday, in leu of your Not Me Monday. I love all these fun bloggy friend games! Many blessings to you!

Tiffany in Washington...for now

Courtney said...

Oh My goodness...ha! I came over to say hello after your comment on my blog, and looks like my sister-in-law beat me to the punch...ha! (Tiffany)

This bloggy world isn't so big after all! Actually, I think there are so many of MckMama's friends that are all connected now. It's amazing and wonderful.

Anyway, I'm totally loving Elements...you should ask for it for a birthday gift!

AND, your boys are adorable in the tub. What a great idea...colored tear-free foamy soap. Love it. My boys play with soap crayons and think they're getting away with something naughty. Hilarious.

Have a great day, my friend! Talk to you soon!