24 January 2009

random photo challenge-Saturday morning

It's time again for the Saturday morning random photo challenge as hosted by 4 Little Men & Girly Twins.

This week....August 2007, picture #30

No real explanation for this picture; just a random snapshot!

I have been somewhat MIA this week...busy, busy, busy. I have a HUGE post that I am preparing; hopefully by the end of the weekend.


..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

My son had that same exact outfit! He's grown out of it now *tears* Time flies!

Cute photo! You have a beautiful family :)

Pam said...

Love the backwards ball cap AND paci!

Jessie said...

Very cute! Happy Saturday!

Alexandra's Mommy said...

This is my first time to your blog and I love your header!! It is so adorable!!

Love that big Nuk and that big puzzle piece!!

Shasta said...

What a cutie!! He looks like a mini basketball player (with a pacifier for added cuteness!) haha

Abby said...

He's a cute little guy!

LeAndMatt said...

Love the pic.can you believe they will be 3 soon..but you have totally got me hitting refresh hoping this huge post is coming soon! LOL! And can you ask J to pass on the 'honeymoon' weekend tip to Matt!

The Thompson's said...

Most of all my pics are just random shots like that and Im sure I cant even remember them. Thats why I usually dont participate in the random picture stuff.

Hope all is well at the Vaughns!

Love and Prayers,