13 January 2009

starts with....'B'

My bloggy friend, Tim (Fort Thompson) , has tagged me with a blogging challenge that I have willingly accepted. His rules for his alphabet challenge seem simple enough....list 10 items that I like/enjoy that begin with a particular letter of the alphabet that he randomly assigned to me.

My letter....'B', so here goes:

1. Boys.....in particular, my boys. more specifically, all three of them. Daddy Buck, Buck-a-roo, and Frank-o are what makes the world go 'round for me and keeps it spinning day in and day out.

2. Blogging....it is my new found addiction, time-consumer, obsession hobby. i have met many wonderful people along the way. first and foremost, the reason this blog began was to document life's happenings for my children, so that one day they can look back on what a superb life they lead and they can revel in the happiness that they brought to their dad and I on a daily basis.

3. Babies....though I am finished having babies of my own, I am a pediatric nurse for heaven's sakes and get my fill at work. I wouldn't have pursued a career in the world of pediatrics if it weren't for my love for kiddos, especially real youngsters.

4. Bacon....need I say more?!? who in their right find doesn't enjoy a nice, crisp, meaty, perfectly fried and soaked between two paper towels to absorb the excess grease, piece of bacon!!

5. Bakeries....WHAT?!!! from the meringue drops, to the fruit tarts, to the iced sugar cookies, to the birthday cakes with lots and lots of icing.....AMEN!!!

6. Bartending....I just think this would be a really cool job. You know, not a life-long career path; but, something cool, to say, I did that! their knowledge, their people skills, the things they see, the things they wish they hadn't seen....seems cool!! don't have that one under my belt, unfortuantely!!

7. Board games....I am a sucker for game night-whether it be with family, adult friends, or children; doesn't matter to me. My favorites are Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Scattergories, and currently, CandyLand!

8. Brewed iced tea....I grew up drinking lots of fresh brewed sweet iced tea (that's what all good Southerners drink, right?) Though, I try to drink unsweet now, it sure takes me back to a "sweet" place in time if I indulge every once in awhile.

9. Balls....there are lots of these at my house...a cajillion to be exact. footBALLS, baseBALLS, soccer BALLS, basketBALLS, tennis BALLS, golf BALLS. we are a family that plays outside, encourages team sports, and follows (I mean in person, in the stands) hometown college sports!! GEAUX Tigers!!!

10. Books...AHAHAHAHAHA!! Anyone who knows me IRL (in real life) is busting a gut right now. I would love to be so intellectual as to have this listed as my #10, not happenin!! I don't read...aside from blogs, People magazine, Southern Living magazine, and an occasional medical reference book (only for a quick reference then shut 'er up).

That's all folks!!


The Thompson's said...

Oh yeah!! GREAT LIST!!! I was hoping that you would put blogging. Or maybe I just expected it since I know you.

As for the tea, I am so with that. I drink at least a pitcher a day. There isnt a moment that goes by in my day that I dont have a glass next to me.

And yes, Im drinking some now!

Thanks so much for sharing with us some of the things that make you you!

Heather said...

Trust me when I tell you this....YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE A BARTENDER! (unless it is in a really nice restaurant!) Not even the really good money you make is worth all the stress. Trust me on this one!