12 February 2009

Brave Beloved Boys

My dear Buck-a-roo and Frank-o,

Today was the much anticipated, somewhat dreaded day that you took your "big nap" and the doctor "fixed" your ears and your noses and your throats. You were both very brave and were super patients.

Though you awoke early in the wee-hours of the morning and were made to wait for almost three hours, you were on your best behaviors. Despite not having anything to drink since 7:30pm last night, you only requested to have milk on three occasions.

Frank-o...You passed the time waiting by applying stickers all over your body over and over again.

You were most antsy regarding "juice" and were first on the schedule, which worked out perfectly.

You donned your bouffant surgical cap and trekked to the OR without skipping a beat. Mommy stayed with you as you inhaled the gas and went night-night. You didn't cry, not even one tear. You were a big boy!

You were quite a handful for Daddy as you were waking from the anesthesia. You kicked, thrashed, flailed, bucked, screamed, cried, and required seven doses (5 doses of IV Fentanyl and 2 doses of IV Morphine) of pain medications before you finally threw in the towel and began to rest peacefully.

Buck-a-roo...You and your brother were quite patient as we waited for the doctor to arrive and for our surgeries to begin. To pass the two hours of time, you and Frank-o watched TV and colored pictures of Uniqua from the Backyardigans.

While Frank-o was in the OR having his surgery, you too prepped for yours. You experimented with the bouffant surgical cap, as well as, the surgical mask that made you look like the "doctor". As Daddy headed to the recovery room to help your brother as he was waking up, you and I made our way down the winding halls and into the OR suite. You jumped up on the OR table, "blew up the balloon" as instructed by the anesthetist and were out like a light within 45 seconds.

As Mommy and Daddy continued to try to console Frank-o, you were undergoing your surgery. The anticipated 25 minute surgery lasted 55 minutes because your ears and nose were really "yucky". You emerged from the anesthesia much calmer than your little brother; but once awake, your were quite vocal in expressing your desires for the removal of all wires, most especially, the IV.

Our brave beloved boys....the two of you spent 2 hours in recovery where you shared slumber as Daddy and I gained our composure, persevered through our exhaustion, and prepped for Round II-going home (without IV drugs and nurses).

We are incredibly proud of the two of you and pray that these surgeries, though painful at times, will decrease your runny noses, ear infections, and restless nights; thus improving your quality of life drastically.

As it has taken me 6+ interrupted hours to compile this post, our boys have developed a high fever, tolerated minimal fluids by mouth, and have increased pain. I have consulted with the on-call doc and we are currently "forcing fluids" in an effort to avoid a return visit to the emergency room to receive IV fluids. I will post an update tomorrow, Lord willing.


Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh my goodness. Bless their and your hearts! I pray that they recover quickly and there is no further intervention necessary. They are precious...just precious. I love all the pictures you took, none quite as much as the black and white one of them sharing a bed. :)


Pam said...

What a long, exhausting and trying day that must have been for all of you. At least doing it all at once will hopefully fix everything immediately and then everyone wins!

Sorry they are having such a hard time now with fever and refusing to drink. It's got to be so miserable for them but it's even harder in a way on you because you know what will come of that combination if left unchanged.

Give your "tweeps" an update when you can. I'll pray for the little fellas!