18 February 2009

Frank-o meets real-life Bob the Builder, 1st time couponing/comparing/ad shopping pays off

There is still an abundance of lounging, crying, complaining, fluid-sipping, relaxing, whining, television watching, and couch potato-ing taking place around our house; though I have to believe it has peaked and is on the downhill where these drained little guys will return to their regular, rowdy, rambunctious selves, I hope.

We did return to the pediatrician today. His words, "Frank-o is on the mends and recovering nicely". Buck-a-roo has developed a nasty, moist cough and continues to run high fevers around the clock. He was prescribed a new antibiotic that I just know it is gonna give this a swift kick in the get-along.


Here's the timeline for the Sinkhole Saga that unfolded in our front yard yesterday and provided hours of much needed entertainment for Buck-a-roo and Frank-o:









0700 (this morning)

Aside from the shear magnitude of having a whole dug in your front yard spanning the course of 15+ hours that is 20 ft long x 20 ft deep and large enough to house a small SUV overnight; the greatest part of the day was the fact that Frank-o truly believes he met Bob the Builder, live and in person in his front yard.

Perfecting the art of chapstick application with the aid of your mom's pressed powder compact...

{their dad's gonna get me for these, i just know it}

As I have mentioned previously on this blog, I have committed to making an honest effort at comparison shopping/advertisement shopping/couponing. And I have. Not too extreme. Just clipping coupons on items that we routinely use or shopping sales at stores that I frequently shop. I'm not trying to devote my life to slashing our grocery/toiletry budget in half; I am, however, thrilled at the thought that I could pocket an extra $15/trip, $20/week, or even $50+/month.
Last night I had to run to Walgreens to pick up another prescription for the boys. Of course, it was not ready! I did not have my clipped coupons in tow (note to self...improvements needed in coupon organizing in an effort to have them on hand in moments like these). While waiting a ridiculous amount of time for my prescription that had been called in 4+ hours prior, I decided to go to the front of the store and pick up their weekly advertisements and search for bargains...here's what I found and purchased:

Sweet-n-Low (120 packets) - Reg. $2.49 each , On Sale 2/$400 (limit 4)

**savings $1.96

Kleenex (110 count) - Reg. $1.29 each, On Sale $0.89 each (limit 3)

** savings $ 1.20

Walgreen's Training Pants (2T/3T) - Reg. $8.99 each, On Sale 2/$15.98 + coupon $3/1 (limit 3)

** savings $8.00

Total Savings....$11.16 with very little effort at all :) I think I could get really good at this!!


Pam said...

1st of all~Kuddos on your big savings! Way to bargain shop.

2nd~Which pipes seems to be the problem. Or do they even KNOW what the problem is? You would think that maybe the 3rd time is gonna be the charm, huh.

3rd~It took them 15 hours to simply dig a big hole?

4th~At least the boys had something entertaining to do that involved real people and not the television.

5th~So glad they are getting better. Who would've EVER guessed that something that typically routine would lead to such prolonged post-op issues.

6th~Tomorrow has got to be better!

..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

That sink hole sure does look fun! *sarcasm* Sorry you're having to deal with that! But seems as if the boys are enjoying it! What my 2 wouldn't give for that kind of entertainment right in the front yard!

Phoebe said...

Hey Lori!
Me again! I just love hose pictures of the boys applying chapstick. Priceless! Those'll be fo the scrapbooks we all say we're going to do but never seem to get done. A sinkhole in your front yard! Wow! And Bob the Builder, that is so funny! Loveya'll and I am hoping with you that the boys fully recover soon!
P.S. Phillip sends his best wishes too!

Melissa said...

It sure is bothersome to have to wait for a RX, especially when you called in ahead of time...I'm glad the boys are doing better. What fun for them to watch the BIG digger!