08 February 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears

That's right....yesterday we ventured to the zoo. My MIL (Mam) tagged along for the fun.

Small bummer as we got there and discovered that the big cats, a.k.a. lions and tigers, display was closed due to renovations. To hold true to the title of this post....we did, at least, see a bear...a Louisiana Black Bear to be exact.

Frank-o would have stared endlessly into each and every cage for 10 solid minutes if time, patience, and energy would have allowed. He likes to wait and see if each animal will perform their respective talents/skills/behaviors.

Buck-a-roo was most interested in the real, species names listed on the plaques in front of each exhibit, as if he knew what each name meant and would be able to recall them a mere 20 seconds later. He did, however, learn how to spell zoo; "Z-O-O spells ZOO" was recited no less than 52 times yesterday!

Our zoo has a terrific Children's Petting Zoo. I agreed to shimmy into the Mole Hole for underground viewing with the boys while Daddy Buck would enter the goat feeding/petting area. Trust me when I tell you that I got the raw end of that deal.

Here's a collage of the animals that we most enjoyed. 22 VFC bonus points if you click the photo collage to enlarge and then comment on my post-production of each still-life animal picture in the collage.

Most of all we enjoyed the terrific spring-like weather and wonderful family togetherness outdoors. We purchased a one-year household membership to the zoo, so I see many more zoo-days in our near future.


On a side note.....I have received several emails, post comments, and Twitter messages from readers regarding my Fit-It Friday post. I shoot with a Canon Rebel xsi and do all post-production through Picasa3, which is free and downloadable via Google. On that particular picture, I sharpened the edges drastically, saturated the color significantly, and increased the fill light somewhat, as well as cropped and re-angled the picture. Hope this helps :)
I am off to make a grocery list and will, most probably, delay my actual grocery shopping until tomorrow after work. It is far too gorgeous outdoors today to be grocery shopping and I am put out seeing a my first-ever coupon clipping Sunday yielded only $2.75 worth of usable coupons for our family. UGH!!


Pam said...

Great collage. FULL of color! But what happened to that animal's OTHER antler? It's missing!

I can't believe that the Big Cats exhibits have closed in just the last 3 weeks since we were there. My Caroline would have been heartbroken had that been the case when we were visiting.

Wish we'd had weather like that the day we were there!


Courtney and the Boys said...

Lovely post-production work, my friend! I love the vibrant colors and the angles.

And keep up the good work clipping coupons. Even if you can't use them this week, you can always use them (even if they expire...just clip that pesky expiration date off). Plan your menu according to what's on sale. I'm starting to get into this, too. :)

OH! And I love the pic of you in the Mole Hole. Classic