11 February 2009

Memory Lane Wednesday


This is a simple snapshot of my boys dashing to our neighborhood playground following our uneventful fishing outing to the lake in our neighborhood.

If there is one detail that you should know about my boys and their characters/personalities, it is that they LOVE to be outdoors! There is nothing that entertains them better, calms their disrruptions, prevents disarray, and creates overall pleasant experiences better than our family and the great outdoors.

Many, many many of our memories of these boys' childhood will be from our time enjoying the easily accessible, gentle on the pocketbook, crowd-pleasing aspects of the outdoors!

Choose your photograph from last week, establish your memory, and head on over to Circle of Life to share your revelation with fellow bloggers.


Pam said...

They do require alot of "energy release" sessions, don't they.

Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh how I wish we could be outdoors. We are definitely gettin' some cabin fever up here in the north. The Wii has seen a lot of mileage. :)



fun fun fun I love play time huh. especially when they are locked in one area and you do not need to run much to look for or keep up with huh.