28 February 2009

my purse....revealed!

I was tagged earlier in week by my friend from AL whom I really hope to meet IRL on the MckCrusie, http://twentylittlepiggies.blogspot.com/.

I have seen this tag several times on others' blogs and find it astoundingly interesting. The concept/rules are simple....take a pic of your purse and show us what it looks like. Then, dump out the contents of your purse, take another pic, and tell everyone all about the contents of your purse.

So here's my current purse....it's a leather, orange number from Target two years ago

Here's the inner contents of my purse....looking pretty organized; only because, I had just, the day prior to receiving this purse tag, switched to this purse from my previous one.

And what do we have.....makeup bag, picture wallet, wallet, coupon organizer, nasal spray, mints, name tag for work, cell phone belt clip

There you have it....

It's your turn.....Leanna, Kristan, Lacie, Rebecca, and Trish!!


Pam said...

Cute bag! But even more impressive than the fact that it's neatly organized is the fact that you are a "Coupon Wallet" carrying Mama. I mean, you have it IN your purse and all. Congrats!

Thanks for playing along, Friend!

Kristan said...

Oh, my goodness..I'm am afraid to take a pic, my purse is sooo junky inside right now, but I'll do it, it may take me a couple of days to get it uploaded cause I left my cord at my house, and I'm at my moms!!

Phoebe said...

man, I dunno if I could do that! My purse has my mP3...and my cell phone...and my wallet...and ponytail holders...and bobby pins...and lip gloss...and candy wrappers...and tic tacs...and....spilled sweethearts from Valentine's Day haha. But the funny thing is...I only got it a week ago. That tell you soemthing about how neat I am...not?