23 February 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I allowed you all a break last week from your free therapy of indulging in the miscues of everyday life in our family. I will not deprive you this week, so with out further adue:

My boys most certainly DID NOT recover in classic textbook fashion from their ENT surgeries over a week ago. That would be way too ordinary, low-key, and uneventful and that IS NOT the way that we do things in this family. Do it bigger, do it better, do it longer and with many more complications...now that's our motto, 'round here.

I DO NOT find myself with double the amount of whites in the laundry department than is necessary because my little men boys think they are much more grown-up than they really are. My 2 and 3 year old boys DO NOT insist upon wearing white undershirts daily just like their dad; as well as, applying deodorant and "smell good" (aftershave) daily. They idolize their dad :) {sweet!}

To further encourage the imitation and idolization, Daddy Buck DID NOT purchase, for each of them, "croakies" for their sunglasses - same brand, same color as his.

They WERE NOT so excited that they insisted on wearing their "sunglass hangy-neck-thing" from sun up ... to sun down ... inside where there's no sun ... and outside where the sun finally shined for the remainder of their 7-day recovery period at home.

Daddy Buck and I DID NOT ponder the thought of tossing the kids in our bed with us at 6:45pm and closing our eyes for the night because we were so beat from our Mardi Gras mambo in New Orleans. We didn't. However, I am about to shut down this computer, turn off all the lights, kiss my boys and hit the sack. It is now 8:29pm.


Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Gosh, I can't imagine how crazy your week would have been if those things actually happened to you ;-)

Pam said...

How cute that they want to be just like their Daddy! Trust me, there are worse things. They all look so cute sporting said sunglass hangy things!

Friend, I'm right there with you on the putting everyone to bed issue during Mardi Gras! My only difference was that I did not care one bit about getting on the computer after the kids were in bed. I was too tired and my feet hurt too bad to even consider it!

Have a great week,

Wayne said...

hey great not me monday

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