14 February 2009

going GREEN...

Seeing as our Valentine's Day festivities are low key and somewhat mundane this year, I decided (as I am cooped up indoors with two ailing boys on a dreary day) to move forward in "greening" our blog for St. Patrick's Day.

No...we are not Irish, but St. Patrick's Day is quite a hoo-rah where we live. Our city hosts a large St. Patty's Day parade that our boys truly enjoy.

The upcoming month of March holds Buck-a-roo's birthday and St. Patrick's Day for our family. I like the new look of our blog and hope you do too....bring on the GREEN!


Pam said...

Yeah, I guess it's time to take the "flakes" off our blog and put up something new. I'm even staring at a sticky note right now I wrote this past week that says "change background." I guess I ought to get to it then.

BTW, I like the green!

Kristan said...

Looks good! Hope the boys are doing well!!