23 March 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I DID NOT tweet a Twitter message of "Love You" earlier this week. A message that was actually supposed to be a text message sent only to Daddy Buck and NOT to all of my 20+ Twitter followers. {oops!} The responses that ensued were great!

Frank-o DID NOT have lime green, booty-staining bowel movements on multiple occasions during the past week for no apparent reason other than to honor St. Patrick's Day.

I DID NOT at one point this past week truly believe that I could gather, mix, and create an entire four course meal from ingredients found on my kitchen floor. Nope! Not ME! I would never allow the state of my kitchen floor to get that awful! This week WAS NOT noticeably the week opposite that of when my houskeeper comes.

This blog carnival was created by MckMama and I participate weekly every Monday morning. However, I would imagine that MckMama's post may be delayed this morning because she has been in the Emergency Room all night with her baby, Stellan. His heart rate was too high and the doctors were desperately trying to get his rate to decrease. My prayers, as well as, many others are with them on this Monday morning.


Pam said...

If that was honoring St. Patricks Day, I think I'd just skip it next year!


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